The first Presidential Debate is in the books, and it lived up to expectations. #Donald Trump and #Hillary Clinton both took shots at each other trying to make the other look bad, they got that done without doubt. Trump started out by trying to be cordial, but Clinton threw the first stone. Clinton was also first to say we had to do business with the rest of the world, while Trump focused on America first.

Clinton who championed the TPP until it became a political liability, then she changed her position. Many people have forgotten that Clinton’s husband Bill passed NAFTA the trade agreement that many have called the worst treaty of any ever signed into agreement by this country.

The new Iran deal that President Obama signed may displace NAFTA, but that won’t be known for some time.

Trump asked about emails

Trump asked about the deleted emails, and Clinton quickly admitted she made a mistake. If she had to do it over again she said she would have done it differently. Trump then said it was not a mistake noting that in his opinion it was intentional. Trump also pointed out Clinton’s aides took the fifth when questioned or did not show at all and are being held in contempt of Congress.

Racial divide was addressed and this topic made Trump look much better than Clinton. Clinton spoke of relations between people and law enforcement while Trump discussed law and order also. Deeper background checks was the center of Clinton’s plan to fight crime. Criminals seldom buy guns, they steal them.

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That is why they are called dangerous criminals and kill people to begin with.

Clinton wants more of the same

Clearly this debate showed one thing. Hillary Clinton wants things to continue the way they have for years. The current shape of our nation is one of division. Crime is up, violent death is up, welfare recipients are up, and the true unemployment rate of this country is unknown. Clinton however would lead you to believe that things are not that bad, but in reality they are.

Trump who calls himself the Law-and-Order candidate, and he stuck to this message. Trump pointed out that Democrats have been in control of the major urban areas that are crime-ridden, and devastated economically. Trump sounded presidential while Clinton sounded like a jilted wife. She was insulting, while Trump was not.

This debate really did nothing to change the mind of voters who support one candidate or the other. Undecided voters did get a good look at both candidates side by side hopefully leading some to decide which candidate will get their vote come November. As for me nothing changed, and I sincerely doubt many people changed allegiance. We all knew going in that Clinton and Trump did not like each other. That was the only thing confirmed tonight.