All around the world, in cities both large and small, men are reconsidering and renegotiating, in public and private spaces, just what it means to be a man in 2016 and beyond. For many, the new Masculinity is about reclaiming something lost from advertisers, popular culture and a million other confounding factors.

For many decades, perhaps, for many centuries, the cult of masculinity has occupied a very narrow psychic space of meaning. Some selected though pervasive themes of the space included a lack of openness in sharing feelings, the elevation of violence and a pervasive hierarchical culture which still defines most military and corporate structures in the world.

A new way of life

These old themes may, at one time, have served us. They might have allowed our civilization to coalesce and form some semblance of order to form, in the dark night of the supposed state of nature. What is clear now, as we approach 2017, is that many are rejecting these values in place of other ideas, symbols and expectations.

For starters, many men around the world are expressing themselves as existing outside of the binary of biological or culturally derived sexuality. New heroes are standing up and affirming that to be a man in the current world, does not have to mean any one thing.

Men of different sexual orientations, races, religions and from different class backgrounds are unifying and realizing solidarity through their connection to Compassion. This one single word, compassion, just might be the key to this radical shift in consciousness and culture.

Everywhere I look in the human civilization, I see tough debates being played out which revolve around what relationships we should have with each other and the world around us.

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Many countries are pursuing enhanced legal statuses for those from various identity groups. People everywhere are realizing greater freedoms than were known in previous times.

A new landscape of opportunity 

Masculinity, is expanding from a narrow, into a wide and expansive view. Men around the world are moving towards love, accepting peace and realizing the power and immediacy of expressing their feelings. All around the natural environment, relationships are transforming, as men realize, it is okay to live with love in their hearts.

It is a very exciting time to be alive, to love, to be a man. As we move into the future, this observer hopes that people of all identities can realize greater freedom and opportunity. Building the future of peace is going to take open minds and invigorated compassionate hearts. Men have a lot to offer the future and I am proud to watch the landscape of meaning around masculine identity changing to embrace more possibility.