The #Hillary Clinton email story is trending on #Twitter today with many folks agreeing that it is now "out of control." The editorial board from The Washington Post has taken a stand about Hillary's emails being nothing in comparison to the world issues facing the nation today.

Sure, they are more important 

The Post goes on to offer that there are "a thousand other substantive issues" that need the nation's attention more so than Hillary's emails and they cite the concerns over the South China Sea and China's moves in that area along with spending in the military and national security. There are not many people out there that would disagree that these issues are so much more important than Hillary's emails, but what is more important than those issues is the person who will be taxed with addressing them and that is where Hillary's emails come in!

If she were to win the election in November, it would be Hillary who will handle the more important issues cited by the Post and these emails are offering up a window as to just how she handled things in the past.

It is through these emails that the nation is learning just how Hillary Clinton operates and from what is coming out of these emails... that's a scary thing!

Hammer in office to destroy electronic devices?

This is a woman who keeps the press at arm's length for a reason. She held off having reporters traveling with her along the campaign trail until just this week. The transparency that the American people are yearning for in a candidate has not been demonstrated by Clinton, starting with what is learned from the emails and the alleged mad scramble to wipe these emails off the face of the Earth.

If Hillary's emails weren't important and something the American people shouldn't focus on, as the Post suggests, then why did she destroy them even after a subpoena was issued to retain all emails due to an investigation? Then a little-known tool called BleachBit was used to make sure no one could ever read them.

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Who keeps a hammer around so their staff can destroy electronic devices that they've used? The staff got rid of Hillary's devises by smashing them to bits? This is a tactic seen in crime stories on TV.

Blackberry devices purchased on eBay?

Why would someone who has the second most important title in the country buy her Blackberry phones on eBay? House Oversight Chairman Representative Jason Chaffetz said that this practice put national security in jeopardy because of they are outdated technology, according to The Washington Examiner. 

Emails out of control... thank Hillary!

The Post is absolutely right when saying there are more important issues, but from what is suggested via the content of the emails and the way the emails were destroyed this is Hillary's way of doing business. How can voters expect to get transparency about these issues from Hillary after learning about the lengths she has gone through to conceal the content of these emails? So... if the story of Hillary's emails is "out of control," it is only Hillary you have to thank for that!