The original purpose of the #United States government was to provide security for the citizens of a newly formed nation. Each individual state government was to be left to decide what was best for its citizens. Somewhere along the way someone let the money eating monster we call the government out of its cage. Like any other monster it has to be fed, and the more that monster eats it seems like the hungrier it has gotten.

Our taxing system is broken with those who make the most whether that is a huge business or a billionaire paying little to nothing while those in the middle class pay more than they can afford. Huge amounts of money are sent to other nations while here at home so many do without.

The rich and powerful have created a cash cow also known as the American taxpayer.

Time for change

Change is coming to Washington as more and more of those who have sat by letting this happen begin to say enough is enough. Donald Trump has broken through the barriers of the political elite to try to take America back, but he will need the help of the American people come November. Hillary Clinton will continue to herd us down the road to physical ruin, history shows what is being done is not working.

In a perfect world or country for that matter every one of us would pay the same percent of the money we spend in taxes. Doing away with the current tax system would be a great first step in returning to the America the founding fathers intended our country to be.

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Many say that a consumption only tax would never be enough to support the needs of the people. I disagree.

Consumption tax the answer?

If a consumption tax of 15% was added to every dollar spent with 5% going to the #federal government, 6% to the state where it was spent, 2% to the county, 1% to the city, and the last 1% used to pay our national debt down many things would be accomplished. People would have more to spend or save, and if they saved they would not pay taxes on that hard earned money.

Give power back to states

States would then be able to take care of themselves. Counties could use the money where it is really needed, and cities could do the same. The federal government would shrink due to agencies that currently under-perform no longer being needed, and there are many. Five percent of every dollar spent in this country would provide enough for the federal government to secure our nation.

Without doubt the federal government has over-stepped its authority when it comes to the states that form our nation. Possibly the federal government has also over-stepped our borders when it comes to trying to control not only the states but other countries as well. Looking around at what we have now, returning to the vision of our founding fathers is our best option.