The United States government over-reaches into the lives of everyday Americans on multiple fronts while ignoring issues that truly need attention and funding. Regulation after regulation is implemented without much common in the name of raising revenue. When it comes to our government officials talking revenue that only means they are deciding how to take more of our hard earned money.

What is unique about our country is that we have come from all over the world to become one nation, but that in itself does not make us all the same. We have differences and that too makes us special. The federal government has needlessly grown to enormous size costing unbelievable amounts of money for horrible results intertwined with corruption from those who have been elected to lead.

The states are not all the same

Each state has different needs leading to the realization that most laws should be state based. The federal government should focus on security of our country and not much else when all things are considered. Not that we should be isolationists, but we should refrain from getting into the everyday business of other nations unless an ally is provokingly attacked, other than that we should mind our own business.

States should decide educational issues for those that live and go to school inside each state. What may work well for New York may be a total failure in Alaska due to nothing but demographics and location. The needs of all are not the same although that scenario is what we have all been led to believe by politicians who have for too long resided in Washington instead of actually living in the state they were originally elected to represent.

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Debt reaching 20 trillion dollars

With 20 trillion in debt, and that total changes daily does not scream good money management for the federal government. Unlike the American citizen the government does not live within its means. The government spends money it does not have on things we do not need all in the name of progress, but that progress is hard to see.

Real progress would be creating jobs, lowering taxes, getting people off assistance, and focusing on security all while living within our means. Think long and hard about the upcoming elections, do your research, and then vote for the candidate that will stop the over-reaching, over taxing, and the wasteful spending that is more the rule than the exception.