It is nice to have the option to choose outside the norms, especially when major political nominees are viewed so unfavorably. However, it might be wise to trek down memory lane just before the polls open in November. In the past, a vote cast vote for third party candidates meant a nominee from a major party lost a shot at the White House. The consensus still holds true for this crazy election cycle. However, that mindset could be different if it were not for three very significant things. Low polling numbers, omission from presidential debates, and lack of media coverage. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green party candidate Jill Stein have captured the attention of many who are dissatisfied with the Republican and Democratic choices.

This is true even though Johnson is gaffe prone and Stein is rarely interviewed.

Why endorsers are pushing between Dem or GOP

Traditionally, third party candidates need to reach at least a 15 percent polling average in order to be invited to presidential debates. These debates are important as they are virtually job interviews and voters are the employers. It is a world stage where nominees and candidates face-off to prove why they are the best person for the job. However, few have reached the ability to make it on that stage. Texas businessman H. Ross Perot set records with his third party campaign. Perot even made it to the debates and despite garnering 19 percent of the vote, he did not win one single state. Electoral votes go to the one with the largest plurality.

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The Nader factor

Perhaps the most notable third party candidate is political activist and attorney, Ralph Nader. True, the presidential contest between George W. Bush and Al Gore is highlighted by the vote count debacle, Nader is famously blamed for taking votes that would have otherwise gone to Gore. Nader won two states that would have gone in Gore’s column. Today, the fear of many is not that a third party candidate will win states. The fear is they will gain votes that will place an unfavorable nominee in office. This is one outrageous race. #Election 2016 #ElectoralVote #Libertarian Party