Hillary Clinton is the stay the course candidate whereas Donald Trump is the “turn the ship of state around” candidate. If you like the domestic and foreign policies of Bush/Obama, Hillary is your girl, if you don’t take a chance on Donald. Trump is not part of the establishment and has been critical of both Bush and Obama.

Anti-American policies

Friday the House voted to allow the 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia for their financing of the 9/11 terror attacks. The vote followed the unanimous Senate vote earlier this year. Obama has vowed to veto the bill. Whose interests are being served, American or Saudi?

Wall Street over Main Street

The Federal Reserve Bank has allowed US companies to load up on debt, buy back their shares and shower shareholders with cash that exceeds the profits of the companies. This Fed policy has decimated the middle class in America. Whose interests do the Fed represent, Main Street or Wall Street? How many jobs were created by the Fed's $3 trillion in QE? Zero.

Killing our planet

The US Corps of Engineers has allowed the looting and polluting of American’s natural resources on tribal lands.

The brave people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have been fighting to protect their water and land from the Dakota Access Pipeline. The private military G4S unleashed dogs on peaceful protesters and leveled a sacred burial site in response. The pipeline project poses a risk of irreversible damage on land, aquifers and the environment.

On Friday, after a federal judge refused the tribe’s request to halt construction of the pipeline a joint statement was issued by the Department of Justice, the Department of Interior and the Department of the Army announcing they would not allow the construction to continue.

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The construction has been halted temporarily to review compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act.

Public Education

Public education has been decimated by No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top. After the privatization of Sallie Mae, student loan debt has ballooned to $1.3 trillion. The Bankruptcy protection act prohibits the 40 million Americans with student loan debt from filing bankruptcy or from restructuring their loans.

ITT technical college, who received federal education funding abruptly closed last week leaving 8,000 employees jobless and 40,000 students nationwide in limbo.

Profits over people

Big Pharma has been allowed to price gouge life-saving drugs to stratospheric levels. Neurotoxins are being sprayed across Florida and the nation to combat the mosquito-borne Zika virus. Monsanto has been given immunity from prosecution for its lethal products and TPP will allow foreign companies to sue states if they pass laws that cut into their profits.

So the choice is clear this November if you like the foreign and domestic policies of Bush/Obama vote for Hillary, if you want to take a chance on change, vote for the Donald.

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