The #Affordable Healthcare Act is collapsing around the feet of President #Obama. What once was hailed as the cornerstone of Obama’s Presidential legacy is dying from self-inflicted wounds. Not too long ago Vice-President Joe Biden was even picked-up by an open microphone just before the President was to sign the bill telling Obama “this is a big f**king deal." Had it been better thought out it very well may have been, but the way it is turning out, he needed to change the word “big” to ‘bad."

The large insurers like Aetna and United Healthcare are dropping out of the insurance exchanges state by state. Some states already have only one choice left, and that in itself is a violation of one of the healthcare act’s mandates that states exchanges should have at least three choices.

The name of this law should have been the Comical Coverage Act instead of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

No safe-guards on rates

The law was rushed to pass by people who had no idea what was in the law. Safe-guards against gouging were not included in the bill, and the insurance companies took full advantage of the opportunity to do just that, driving many customers from the insurance market altogether. Limits to increases in premiums should have been one of the first things included in the original bill, giving success at least a chance of taking place. This is a perfect example of over-reaching by the political left, and an even better example of the ineptness of our government to operate any part of the economy without rising cost, corruption, and disaster for those it pertains to. In this case all of us are included.

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Economical disaster

Some people who had insurance prior to Obamacare can no longer afford coverage. Hours were cut back by large employers trying to keep from having to insure some employees, thus further hurting those people, and the economy overall. The rates for healthcare are still climbing, our only hope is Donald Trump becomes President, quickly repealing this law.

The results of this disaster will be years away from being totally disclosed. Repairs will take time to take effect, others will suffer along the way, and in the end we may be worse off than when this all started. President Obama will have a legacy, and it won’t be the grand expectations people had when he took office.

More likely it will be that fact that a poorly thought out law caused the insurance industry to change for the worse, giving a money draining cancer to the economy of this country. President Obama had a chance to make history when he was elected, unfortunately, he called in sick.