What's up with #Ted Cruz these days? He came out of the shadows with a #Donald Trump endorsement after vowing that was never going to happen. He was also told by Trump in a public display that he should go home, as the GOP candidate didn't want or need his endorsement. Jump ahead a few months after Cruz's stand on the man who insulted his wife never getting his thumbs up and the tide has changed.

Cruz and Trump in 180 degree turn

Cruz didn't hang onto a thing, not only does he endorse Trump, but through soul searching and prayer, he's decided to vote for the man! Donald Trump has changed his tune too. The man who told Cruz to keep his endorsement and go home is "greatly honored" by the endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz, according to his statement reported by CNN News.

The first presidential debate is only three days away and with Cruz stepping forward at this time and date, does that give Trump a little more wind under his wings? CNN has learned that this vote of confidence coming from Cruz is the result of communications between Cruz and Mike Pence, Trump's vice president running mate.

A little help from his friends!

Pence traded multiple messages with Cruz, had a very lengthy chat in a phone call and even visited Cruz in person honing in on this endorsement. Cruz sent his Trump endorsement out to the masses via Facebook today. It is the breaking headline news and the talk of social media sites. Trump has already demonstrated the art of business in politics by putting all his ducks in a row for a Cruz endorsement. Allies of Cruz came on the Trump train not too long ago and this includes his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway and his spokesperson Jason Miller.

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Cruz cites dangled carrot that drew him in

Cruz cited Trump's ideas for Supreme Court nominees as one of the enticing factors that led him to his decision today. If Hillary gets into the Oval Office, she'd appoint those of a "left-wing ideologue." Trump's proposal has been to find someone who mirrors the views of the late Antonin Scalia. Trump went a step further with promises for his choice of a Supreme Court Justice today. He presented a list of 21 judges from all across the nation and vowed to pick from the names on that list when the time comes for him to make that decision. Cruz was enthused with this list and coupled with his need to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House, he was enticed to endorse the man who was once his rival. 

Boxing gloves off -- now they play nice!

After all the back and forth insults and badgering that went on, Cruz showed he's a man who puts the interest of the country first and leaves his own feelings to simmer on the back burner. Who knows, when Trump is president, and it is looking more and more likely these days, Cruz and Trump might work very well together. It would be interesting to see how that pans out now that they don't have to keep upping the ante for insults! And the band played on... #Cruz endorses Trump