College pressure starts in elementary school. Students hear advice from teachers, counselors, and parents to “stay in school” and they will “have a better life.” Most young people in the United States followed the advice of the adults in their lives and pursued higher #Education. These same young people are now adults with crippling student loan debt and a lower standard of living than their parents who did not go to college. Not one of us would have taken out student loans if we knew that decades of corporate lobbying would create US laws allowing powerful multinational corporations to outsource all skilled labor to other countries. The corporations pay significantly less in wages to outsourced foreign labor, make billions in the US, and escape taxes entirely through offshore accounts.

We had no control over the corporate lobbying that created our circumstances. When we the students, who worked for years in college and Graduate school, demand higher pay for our skill level we are accused of having an “entitlement mentality.”

We're entitled to what we were promised

You're damn right we are entitled. We are entitled to that which every adult in our lives promised if we would go to college. Critics of students with debt have the audacity to accuse us of not wanting to work. What do you think getting an education is? It's years of hard work. Reading, studying, researching, writing, taking tests, defending theses or dissertations. No investor would put $200 thousand or more into a venture if they could not expect a reasonable return on their investment. Students make a reasonable reliance on the promise of a higher standard of living with an education.

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That we have not, should open the government to civil liability. Don't dare say that the money is not ours.

Federal student loans are provided by the federal government. Where does the federal government get its money? Taxes. Where do taxes come from? Tax payers. Students work and each year pay federal income tax. In addition, any student who buys just about anything from anywhere pays sales tax. When a student takes out a federal student loan, they are only asking for some of their money back. And it's not like we are taking the money to the strip club, the casino, or the dog tracks. We are using it to pay college tuition and to buy text books. When students seek alleviation of our debt, we are met with vehement hostility.

Billionaires get bailed out, students don't

It is infuriating that the billionaire class of white collar criminals who manipulated #Congress to provide them an over $700 billion dollar bailout for destroying the economy in 2009 are not met with anywhere near the hostility that a student struggling beneath the weight of student loan debt does.

Worse yet, the so-called student debt forgiveness programs impose requirements upon students that were not required of the billionaire class when the government stole over $700 billion of taxpayer money and handed it to them. Students must fulfill a “public service requirement” and be the slave of one public institution or another for 10 years. Students must never miss a single payment during this 10 years in order to have just half of our debt pardoned.

Not one member of the billionaire class was required to do public service for any number of years before the government wrote them a fat check. Yet students already struggling with massive student loan debt are expected to fulfill these requirements, and after 10 years still be left with half of the debt they started with and no prospects for higher pay. The same billionaire class that stole taxpayer money is the same billionaire class that outsourced all high skilled labor thus exacerbating the student debt crisis. Think about all of this the next time you have the audacity to accuse a struggling student of being entitled. The real entitled class is the billionaire class of corporate criminals whose unregulated white collar crimes destroy our economy. #Policy