In an age of advanced technology, we spend a lot of time on our phones and on social media. Most people have more Facebook friends than actual friends that they see and talk to outside of the internet. I will admit, social media is very convenient. Especially as a college student, it's nice to be able to see what is going on with my family and friends that I can't see all that often.

The other side

But people use social media for more than just checking in on what people they know are doing. People like to put information regarding their professional life in their personal profiles. There are even social media networks meant specifically for professional purposes, such as LinkedIn.

But, does that mean that you should go ahead and friend or follow your boss on other types of social media? It depends.

Things to consider

It makes sense to connect with your boss on LinkedIn, seeing as that it is a professional based social media. But the grey area comes in when it comes to other social media. The safest route is to let them follow or friend you. But you also need to consider an important factor: how much do you really want your boss to know about you? Remember, whatever you decide to post or tweet is out there forever. Yes, people can find things that you deleted. Scary, I know.

For many people, there is a difference between who they are at work in a professional setting and who they are on social media.

It's a different setting; I am not saying we are all two-faced. You want to make sure that there is a line. Its the ages old idea of mixing work with pleasure. It's important for many people to keep their work life and personal life separate. Do you really want your boss to see all the things you post on Facebook?

It may also depend on the job. For example, I am working for a student company doing public relations and social media. I am going to be a collaborator for the Facebook page, so I connected with the CEO of the company so that he could add me to the page. Also note, I was asked to by the company. But I am not currently friends with the head of my department.

It is also a bit different because we are all students.

You need to look at your own situation and weigh the pros and cons. The decisions that you make affect more than just your friend list.You need to think about it carefully before you press that button.

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