I have lived my whole life in small towns of various sizes. I grew up in a town of roughly 3,600 in population, and we never locked our doors, we regularly walked or rode our bikes all over town. Our parents never worried about us, or anything happening to us.The only time we locked our doors on a regular basis was when there was a rumor of a "Peeping Tom" and that was short-lived, once my sisters pounded on the door at 1:00 AM because they forgot their keys. I now live in a bit of a larger town with a population of 14,000, but still for the most part a small town, crimeis something that for the most part we think of happening in larger cities.

We think we have some vandalism, burglary, marijuana use. But in fact we do have much larger problems in our little town. We do have drug houses and meth cooks, shockingly 2 incidences of child sex trafficiking in the past year, drive by shootings, and now the fear of terrorist attacks.

Last weekend in St. Cloud, Mn.

It made us aware that we are not safe here in small town Minnesota, 45 minutes from St. Cloud, Saturday, September 17th at the Crossroads Mall, Dahir Adan age 20, attacked 10 people with a knife, reportedly asking at least 1 of the victims if they were Muslim before stabbing them.

He was shot dead by an off-duty officer. In the aftermath of this event ISIS has claimed that he was a soldier to their cause. Dahir has been linked to terrorist groups, the FBI continues to investigate. This is place where almost everyone I know goes to on a regular basis. Our eyes have been opened, we are not safe because we live in a small town, in fact most of us are unprepared if we were in involved in a similar situation.

The tricky part of this situation is to not create paranoia, but also to be on alert. This week on 2 separate days an empty suitcase was left in front of 2 different businesses, causing concern. It was determined that these were possibly hoaxes, what a terrible thing to do so close to last week's incident. So here in small town America we no longer feel safe and secure, we are now wary, and on alert.

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