Now that we are just a couple of months away from the 2016 Presidential Election, some church members are concerned when their pastors endorsing a particular candidate during church services. Only a small percentage is in agreement with a pastor sharing his personal opinion with the congregation. Some people believe what a pastor says whether it is about religion, spirituality, or even politics. LifeWay Research conducted a survey to find out what people thought about pastors endorsing a particular political candidate during a worship service. 

Results of survey

Eight out of 10 Americans believe it is inappropriate for pastors to endorse political candidates during a church service.

 Seven out of 10 Americans believe it's inappropriate for churches to endorse political candidates. LifeWay Research released the results of its survey last week. A total of 1,000 Americans were selected randomly. During a telephone interview, they were asked what they believed about pastors endorsing a particular political candidate during a church service. They were also asked if they thought the entire church should be on one accord and endorse the same candidate. As indicated in the photo above, 79 percent of Americans who were polled think it is inappropriate for a pastor to endorse a political candidate during a church service. Another 19 percent didn't think it was inappropriate, and only two percent said they weren't sure.

Churches are at risk 

A lot of people don't know this, but churches could lose their tax-exempt status if they endorse one candidate over another.

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They could also be stripped of their IRS status if pastors suggest their personal favorites to the congregation. The Johnson Amendment has been on the books since 1954.  Lyndon B. Johnson was a senator at the time when he made the proposal that prohibits tax-exempt organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates. This is one thing that Republican presidential nominee #Donald Trump said he will repeal if he becomes President of the United States.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think it is inappropriate for a pastor to endorse a candidate of his choice during a church service? Do you think a church should or should not endorse a candidate? Do you think the Johnson Amendment of 1954 is fair? #Election 2016