It will be 10 years exactly since #Apple launched the #iPhone into this world. It was an event in itself. A happening which totally transformed the communication world and the way we connect with each other. The secret of the iPhone success: simplicity.  The simple and unique style of the first Apple #Smartphone gave exactly what the world in telecommunication needed. The introduction of a single button on the first iPhone was what it was all about then. Instead of punching, going back and forth on the old flip-flop cellphones the user was able to just reveal all the basic options with a touch of a single button. This is when things really got digital. 

Gone were the days when the user had to open the home page with a certain home-page button and then go back- and-forth to look for contacts or exit totally to able to find the internet icon.

We were introduced to a big screen unlike the half-screens (even quarter) in Blackberry with all those stiff buttons to type on. Ok, I admit! Blackberry was the only non-iPhone smartphone that I liked (Was it Blackberry Bold 9000 something?).  

What do the rumor say?

  • Same design as iPhone 6
  • Might have a Plus model.
  • No headphone jack 
  • New dongle
  • Larger camera lens
  • Bad year for Apple

Nine and so many iPhone-years later we are awaiting the introduction of Apple's not-so-hyped iPhone 7. Rumor has it that the new iPhone 7 is due to be released on September 7: 7 Seven. The critics believe that the new smartphone will have the same design as iPhone 6 the difference being the bottom-edge. The camera will be bigger and come with a large lens. However, the main concern of the iPhone fans is the new model is missing the headphone jack.

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Rumor has it that iPhone 7 will come without a headphone jack but with a new dongle instead. Now that is a downside as the headphone-jack prone user has to invest in a new set of bluetooth headphones. Some critics see this change by Apple as the main catalyst in bringing less revenue to the company this year. In other words, the  'Applesceptics' see the lack of new design and the introduction of an iPhone without a headphone jack as the main cause in giving Apple a bad year this year in terms of net profit

Why I think it'll be a good year for Apple

In my previous article, I argued that the iPhone 7 will win the best-smartphone race against the now defunct and bust Galaxy Note 7. The Guardian has reported that Samsung suspended the sales of Galaxy Note 7 as a result of the smartphone catching fire. This proves my theory right already. Others believe that it'll be a bad year for Apple this year. The Business Insider has reported that "It's going to be a bad year for iPhone".

I think otherwise. 

I truly believe that iPhone 7 will be a big hit irrespective of the rumors.

People also said the same about Suicide Squad as being boring and that it's 'not going to make it' before the film's release. The fact is that the movie is a super hit and has smashed box office takings worldwide. The point is that iPhone 7 is not released into the market as yet. 

The September Issue

The fact that Apple is releasing its new product in September is a guarantee enough for iPhone 7's sales to go sky high. It's in September when the much awaited FIFA 17 and Vogue's The September Issue is going to be released. Many 'in the know' companies, companies whose products have become part of the pop culture, release their best products in this month of the year. They save the best for last.

The iPhone consumers  don't care about things like 'water-resistance' and 'a bigger screen' (I have an iPad Mini already) that the Note 7 is providing. They don't even care if other direct competitors like Samsung provide the consumers with an 'extra-sensitive' pen (I don't draw though I like the idea of coming up with a digital masterpiece one day. But really?) or 'wireless charging' with their defunct products like the Galaxy Note 7. 

It's Apple's year all the way.