The book that I have just finished reading is "witchcraft in the Pews", by Bishop George G. Bloomer. He has opened my eyes a little more than they were already opened, but to those of you that are in my Flock of Readers and the others who just don't know wellare in for a real eye opener

Understanding the Devils sly slithers of manipulation.

The Devil had weaved his way in Churches, Families, and our Faith. Witchcraft is a true true threat and too many pastors, laymen, and family members don't know what to look for; the Devil has come to steal, kill, and to destroy. He is no respecter of persons, status, or riches.

Far too many children's fables are made up of witchcraft and we have allowed them to deceive us, divert our attention, as well as in the most dangerous way, dismiss them as fables and tell our children that it isn't real.

Bishop George Bloomer.

Bloomeris the founder and senior pastor of the Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina, and The Life Church in Brooklyn, New York.

Bishop George Bloomer takes you deep in the church pews where treading the isles is dangerous and the descriptions of witchcraft are appalling and make you want to set the book down. But you can’t, you have to know what Bishop Bloomer has to say next! "Witchcraftin the Pews" is not only a page turner, it’s an eye opener beyond belief!

Magic and Witchcraft.

Six “Harmless” Little Men, Guatemalan Voodoo, which wehere in the United States don’t understand, is explained by Bishop Bloomer in gross vivid detail. We need to pay attention to this type of magic and witchcraft that is actually more real than we understand.

Bishop Bloomer digs deep into the topic of parapsychology, something that gets very gaudy and is almost beyond acceptance.Bishop Bloomer makes his stand on it with 1st Kings 13: “Satan’s twisted version of God’s anointed profit is none other than the false prophet, and or prognosticator.

Several Bible stories give accounts of false prophets wielding their deadly, ungodly words or practicing the sin of witchcraft.” (pg 65)


Bishop Bloomer opens up a whole new can of worms by discussing the deceit that the devil has pushed on society by taken men out of the family and substituting him with the government.

Women today are having children out of wedlock and thanking the government for the husband allowing them to supply them with food stamps and a check along with subsidized housing. But I’ll let him tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

As a Rev. and Evangelist, I know the devil has worked his way behind the pulpit and the truth needs to be told. And unless you already know how to fight and outsmart the devil, this book is a must-read. I give this book 4.5 Stars and Two Thumbs Up!

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