In the presidential debate, on one side of the rope you have an out of touch, narcissistic and ill-prepared billionaire who many Americans fear because of his lack of transparency and resistance to provide solutions for the issues. On the other side you have a grounded, well-prepared career politician who many Americans mistruct because of her lack of transparency and disingenuous outreach among minority groups.

Then there’s the middle - the knot. This is the one place that each side has access to but has to exert more than the other side to obtain.

Therein lies the people - the voters. This is where the heart of America rests with millennials, immigrants ,minorities ,law enforcement, social justice movements, unemployed, underemployed, wealthy and the impoverished.

So who wins?

According to Donald Trump, the key to improving employment is to stop jobs from leaving. How does he plan to prevent that? According to Donald Trump, “African Americans are being decimated by crime in the inner city.” This was the wrong turn number one; inner city to any African American is synonymous for “ghetto” or “the projects.” I guess he forgot that Trayvon Martin lost his life in a gated community with a neighborhood watch.

Trump was also quoted as saying “I’m talking about talking guns away from gangs and the people who use them.” I think it’s safe to say the gangs he’s referring to are likely along the lines of crips, bloods ,gangster disciples, or vice lords. Yet nearly anyone affected by gun violence will tell you that the police are the biggest gang there is.

Donald Trump says he has a better temperament than Hillary Clinton. As defined by the meaning of temperament is "the combination of mental,physical,and emotional traits of a person." This coming from a spacey, temperamental (see how I did that) man who had his health reviewed by a doctor that administered tests with nothing but “positive” results.

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Then there’s Hillary

According to Hillary Clinton, she plans to create good jobs with rising incomes, raise the national minimum wage, and enact family leave. These are things American families have long waited to hear. Unlike Trump, Hillary has a plan for fighting ISIS, thereby offering a solution. Trump has yet to provide a solution for anything. According to Hillary she believes in community policing. This resonates well among targeted minority groups and social justice groups. This is also why the Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed Donald Trump over her.

As quoted by Hillary Clinton “If you’re too dangerous to fly, you’re too dangerous to own a gun.” That may have been the one issue synonymous with everyone except your resident no fly list registered gun owner.

Let’s look stamina.

TRUMP:"She has no stamina."

CLINTON: "As soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal,a cease-fire,a release of dissonance,an opening of new opportunities in nations around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a Congressional committee,he can talk to me."

The internet contender

Even if you’re not sure who won the event tonight, let me introduce another contender: The Internet. Here’s seven people who won the internet:

  • @TichinaArnold “I think the Donald needed the other half of that Xanax.Bless his heart.”
  • @ShondaRhimes “He is so full of it that I am truly concerned.I think his head might puff up and pop off.”
  • @ShaunKing “What the hell?Donald just said Hillary has been fighting ISIS her entire adult life.She’s been an adult since 1965.”
  • Melissa Berretta “Trump’s been flying in expensive planes his whole life.Just as long as Clinton has been fighting ISIS.”
  • @HillaryClinton “A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his hands anywhere near the nuclear codes.”
  • @NickCannon “Bars!!! You know what else I prepared for…to be President Of The United States! (flips the podium and drops the mic) LOL”

Maybe you watched a debate but I saw a tug-o-war.

Who won you over?

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