President Barack #Obama will go down in history for at least two things. The first will be for being the first black President of the United States. The second will be for the failure of the Affordable Health Care Act that many refer to as Obamacare. Being the first black President was a huge accomplishment with so much potential to be something even bigger, but Obama will leave that potential lying on the table when he leaves office in January 2017.

Hope and Change never came

Sweeping away his opponents in two successive elections for the nation’s top job Obama had the table set for him, and he failed miserably. Instead of being special Obama became divisive, aloof, secretive, and a major disappointment for the millions who had believed the campaign slogan, hope and change.

The only thing that changed was the national debt, our nations' standing in the world, and the size of a corrupt looking federal government. The IRS, Justice Department, and the State Department have all been the focus of scandals during the Obama administration.

Obama will be best known not as a ground-breaker, but more for destroying the healthcare industry that at the time of Obamacare passing into law was 13-18% of the countries’ GDP depending on who you ask. The law was horribly thought out, poorly implemented, and a financial tragedy that could have been avoided. Proper planning prevents poor performance, and the results of Obamacare expose the rush to pass something rather than finding a solution that would really work.

What happened to affordable?

In 2012 insurance premiums were high ($487 monthly for my wife and I) but they were manageable.

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2013 saw an 18% increase in our premiums to $597, bad but not something we could not overcome. 2014 brought a 32% increase raising the monthly premium to $788 with the deductible going up five times what it was in 2012. The beginning of 2015 was the end of insurance in our household due to the monthly premium raising to $1397 with a $5000 deductible.

Affordable is not what I would say has happened to insurance since the inception of Obamacare. The premiums for my wife and I have gone up almost three times the rate they were when this law was passed. After working for 51 years continually, saving what we could when we could while trying to prepare for our future, Obama along with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid destroyed the future with the stroke of a pen.

Obama's legacy is simple

What Obama’s legacy will be is pretty simple. Many Americans will simply die off from preventable causes had they been able to seek out medical services without leveraging their financial future.

Many Americans can simply not afford the #Affordable Healthcare Act. These Americans will wait too long to go to a doctor because they can no longer afford treatment, the treatment will then be too late or too little, and people will die needlessly.

To be clear about the Affordable Healthcare Act, you cannot keep your doctor, you cannot keep your plan, and you may lose your life due to the total incompetence of the last eight years of hope and change unless you are rich enough to pay the premiums, which so many Americans are not. History will not be kind to President Obama. #Health