President Obama was called out recently by the Russian government for his comments on Trump's apparent coziness with authoritarian President Vladimir Putin. During a campaign rally held in Philadelphia for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Obama touched on praises made by Trump regarding Putin's authoritarian regime. Obama spoke about how Trump considered Putin, a person who invaded smaller countries, jailed opponents, and controlled the press, as a role model. Trump who often threatens the 1st amendment rights of reporters and bars those who speak less than glowingly of him from his rallies, probably does admire Putin’s power gripping tactics.

According to Russia's state-run news agency TASS, Kremlin spokesman Dimitry Peskov characterized Obama's remarks as electoral-style rhetoric and blatant russophobia. He also noted that Obama does not use this same rhetoric when meeting with Russian officials. Hey, who does?  It's all handshakes and photo-ops then. With all the "phobia" issues stirring up this election season, we are now faced with russophobia -- dislikes, fears and/or prejudice of Russia.

From Russia with love

 It's no secret that Trump has spoken favorably about Putin. At the Commander-in-Chief forum held earlier this month, the GOP nominee stated that if Putin said great things about him, he was going to say great things about Putin. An obsessive fan of polls and ratings, Trump also seems to marvel at Putin's high approval ratings.

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However, Obama gleefully pointed out that naturally if you controlled everything, people would feel pressured to give you high marks. Well, yeah. Who wants to go to jail or be banished to some frozen region because you refused to kiss the emperor’s ring?

Let us discuss the alleged Russian hacking of late, shall we?

Guilty or not, it does not help matters when there seems to be an eye-brow raising connection between a U.S. Presidential nominee and Vladimir Putin. And to make matters even worse, there is a sudden barrage of email leakage stemming from by way of Russia. No derogatory emails leaked from anyone in the Republican party or Trump’s camp so far. Granted it, there are rumors of their existence but that remains to be seen. So could that be the October surprise? It's doubtful because then what would become of our strange bedfellows? The greatest surprise or gift would be the shut-down of all this hacking. And if the Soviet Union is really meddling in the U.S. election, the consequences from such a political scandal could be monumental.