The Internet blew up over the divorce filing by Angelina Jolie against her husband of two years, but partner for more than a decade, Brad Pitt.

Social media and mainstream news sites made it sound like the biggest movie star news ever. We get it. It was, for most people, not something that was expected. Even George Clooney admitted in an interview that he hadn’t heard about the split. It’s a testament to what our society has become, actually has been for a long time, that complete strangers are shocked, passionate, and vocal about the personal business of one family. There was immediate speculation about the cause of the rift but if this is anything like the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce the public will probably never know the private dynamics that led to the end of a marriage.

And to be honest, the public has moved on. Does anyone really care about #Tomkat anymore?

And then came Jen

So another famous family has broken up, you would have to be completely off the grid to not know about this but then the Jennifer Aniston memes began. You can’t scroll through Facebook without sees dozens of GIFs from her "Friends" days with #Karma and “Now that’s closure.”

Yes, we get it. Pitt cheated on Aniston while they were married with his "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" co-star Jolie. But they divorced in 2005, eleven years ago. You would think a beautiful, wealthy, career woman, who is now married to Justin Theroux, a handsome, successful actor, director and screenwriter, would have let that baggage go a long time ago.

A “source” reportedly told "US" that Aniston said, “that’s karma for you,” but seriously, why should she care? And why would she say such a thing to someone who’s going to run to the tabloids and repeat it? I really hope she has better friends than that and better things to do with her time than smirk about the dissolution of a family that includes a man who cheated on her 12 years ago.

And by the way, those memes really aren’t “hilarious” as AOL entertainment called them. They just make Aniston look petty.

Same ol’, same ol’

One wonders if Internet memes had been around half a century ago, would there have been GIFs of Debbie Reynolds mocking the breakup of Elizabeth Taylor who dumped the husband she stole from Reynolds, Eddie Fisher, for Richard Burton?

Probably not, although Reynolds did compare her breakup to the Aniston/Pitt divorce in a 2015 "Vanity Fair" article.

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