The Clintons played an un-American Nazi number poker game with their taxes

Hillary used her charity to hide money with fairy tale write-offs. But no matter how much she tries to fit numbers in so they match her plan using the imaginative accounting methods of the Clinton formula, it is a lot of manipulation that still equals immorality in fact. Since Hillary’s been not only profiting from charity, but using it at tax time to hide her true income net worth so she cuts herself a break on her tax payment, my Clinton Formula equation application works better than hers here. According to my calculations, her actions do equal a violation of the ethics code because that means she’s been stealing from the very government via creative accounting that she’s now trying to become the president of for years.

How wonderfully capitalistic and politically corrupt of the potential next President. Aren’t we all just super excited now for the creative economics we’ll see these next four years!

But at least the Clintons did share their taxes, or really, the innovate economic plan called the Clinton Formula used to cheat on them.

Yes, the Clintons did actually release their taxes so they like to say that makes them the honest people economically speaking. While I will avoid going into the thirty-eight million, three hundred thousand and forty-two reasons wrong with that very statement, I do want to sum it up. I realize “honest’ “economic” and “taxes” in the same sentence as “Clintons” induced a bad reaction in your stomach because of the grammatical combination of impossibility if you apply common sense.

It’s a form of really bad acid reflux. It’s just not right. But when you’ve got a power couple with a proven track record of lying at near record levels to each other, about each other, to others about each other, to each other about others— (you get the picture) and add in that they do it every minute of the day, you might think twice about not only their interpretation of what honesty means but how they could apply it to their incomprehensible tax plan.

Their taxes are filled with so much creative economic strategy multiplied by the Clinton Formula you need a code cipher that reads Latin, a special kind of contact lens that makes you look like a cat so you shut your eye just right, and a unique backwards working microscope to look at it in the right way so you can understand it.

Most of us know that when you’re trying to hide something, after all, you do everything you can to mislead people to the point of getting them to think filtering through all the BS is impossible because they either aren’t smart enough to do it, or that it isn’t worth the massive headache that’ll probably make them permanently cross-eyed and blind. Yes, the Clintons can manipulate numbers like they manipulate words, and they can do it as much as they want, sometimes they can even do it well and get away with it, but it still doesn’t make either their interpretations of the words or of their taxes the hard facts. Nor does it make them honest, regardless of how they decide to interpret the word.

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