Donald Trump recently hinted at Hillary’s alien-like disconnect with everyday Americans by insisting Hillary Clinton “evaded justice,” like some criminal illegal immigrant and so, “Maybe they’ll be able to deport her.”

Well, you know, one can dream, right?

I’ve got an immigration policy for you so we can deport Hillary Clinton

But only dream we shall—since she was born here, she’s a naturalized citizen, making deportation impossible. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could vote our politicians out of their residency status and the country as well at elections? It would sure attract a lot more voters, make things more colorful, and offer up a set of citizen mistreatment repercussion standard as punishment.

We could even televise the removal process, serve pizza and beer to get more voters, and let Jerry Springer produce and host the entertainment live. Heck, let’s make the show like the Bachelor—you know, but instead of winning a rose you’re basically being voted to win your right to keep your citizenship and then for the losers instead of leaving the show, they get deportation. See, everybody wins with this plan naturalization reversal process since only politicians can qualify for it. Well, the politicians won’t always win but I’m pretty sure they’re very deserving of the honor. I’ll vote on that new immigration law. And yes, we’d hand out extra chairs to the contestants and play a whole lot of violent stuff in the background just to rile the crowds up for fun and really make things enjoyable for the politician contestants.

By the way, where did the grassroots 90s Clintons go?

Aside from realizing I’m just going to have to dream about my previously mentioned form of immigration plan because no politician's ever supporting that thing with his or her backing, Trump does have a point with all this immigration stuff. I mean, it would be awfully nice to see Hillary Clinton go and maybe we can petition in some rules to deport normal American criminals once somebody decodes the Clinton Foundation’s tax ledger.

Hillary is really such a poor representation of American ethics and values nowadays and has evolved from being a pretty decently liked First Lady that some women empathized with after the Lewinski scandal to—well, whatever name off the list of creative word play insults you want to use to apply to her today because the list is pretty much correct and all-inclusive.

In fact, that list is so long now just save time and insert your favorite creative cuss word.

The Clintons today are not the same versions of them we had back in the 1990s. They are so far removed from what they were back then, how they acted, what they did, and where they emphasized their focus, it’s like the people we see today have to be evil robotic replacements of the others. Sadly, it’s really them.

Trump is dead on right that Hillary has morphed and used to seem much closer to Americans as First Lady than she does today. Back in the Bill Clinton 90s, he and Hillary made a big part of their family image being about remaining close to their roots and the real American people so they understood what needed to be done to help the country.

Now they view those real American people as some disease infested vermin they won’t hang out with anymore, and they certainly won’t allow like more than 50 of them into a building to see Hillary speak. What happened? They stopped liking us, so we stopped liking them.

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