Minister Omarosa Manigault, one of #Donald Trump’s biggest supporters, sat down with the folks at PBS’ Frontline to give an #Interview and a warning to all you haters. But first, in case you are wondering, Omarosa wants you to know just when the Donald really, really decided to run for President of the United States. It was in 2011, right after President Obama mercilessly mocked him during the White House Correspondents Dinner. Oh yes, there will be Hades to pay for that! The seed for “year of the revenge” had been planted.

Omarosa wondered if Obama realized what he was in for after gutting and filleting Trump like a fish.

No one does that to Trump, especially in public. Sure, he can humiliate you, but don’t you dare return the embarrassing favor. According to Omarosa, and Trump confidant Roger Stone who is also featured, Trump’s presidential run is largely about getting revenge. As Stone puts it, “to show them all.” Interestingly, a long line of those in the know have been saying this exact same thing for over a year. Anyone with a discerning spirit can see it also. Payback for snubs received from elite circles. What is most remarkable though are Omarosa’s comments on the matter. She says that everyone who has ever doubted Trump, disagreed or challenged him will have to bow down to President Trump. Whoa!

Raise your hand if you hear death to democracy

Americans have yet to bow down to any U.S. President nor should we.

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We are not ruled or governed by dictators, kings, czars, fuhrers or strongmen. Hopefully, even Trump supporters won’t stand for that. Otherwise, we lose our right to be called “land of the free.” The Oval Office is not a na-nana-na-na prize.

What manner of gospel is this you preach?

A former contestant on Trump’s "The Apprentice," Omarosa has been tasked with performing African-American outreach. I’m not sure how that works, converting African-Americans to Trumpism. But I am just sure to a “yuge” degree that it won’t work. Omarosa’s interview on Frontline airs Tuesday, September 27th. #Election 2016