The election is at an interesting stage and #Obama and Hillary are somewhat worried. What looked some time back like a landslide victory for Hillary is slowly but surely slipping away. Nobody gave a chance to Donald Trump as many felt he was a divisive force. His comments on Muslims and immigrants were thought to be against the spirit of America. The fourth estate repeatedly published Gallup polls with glee, to confirm that Donald would be crushed and Hillary was the clear winner.

Hillary under pressure

The opinion polls began to slowly change as the scandals of #Hillary Clinton surfaced and many in the press realized that Donald had support from a core constituency of whites who were swayed by his rhetoric.

As things stand Donald is almost level in the opinion polls for the 8th November election. There is no guarantee that he will not increase his lead over Hillary as the public is also worried about the state of Hillary's health.

The president plays the race card

In such a scenario, a worried Obama has decided to invoke the race card. It is sad he has invoked it, but perhaps he feels there is no other way. A defeat for Hillary would spell an end to his legacy as the GOP nominee will certainly dismantle all that Obama did in the last 8 years. This is the reason Obama has played the race card. He has appealed to all black voters to vote for the Democratic candidate. He has also gone on to state that any black who did not vote for Hillary would in effect  be voting against him and the black legacy.

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He has claimed that all that he has done for black Afro- Americans will be undone in case Hillary loses and the black- vote goes against her.

Last word

This stand of Obama is a surprise, as all along he had maintained that race is not an issue. I wonder how many Afro- Americans will be taken in by his appeal? Yet, it will have an effect, as Donald's campaign has the blacks ringing a bell in some quarters.

The election is at an interesting stage and Hillary is now not looking so invincible. However it is sad that a call to vote on the basis of color is made by Obama. It looks similar to a vote in India where caste plays apart. One did not expect this in an advanced society like America. #Election 2016