It should concern Americans of every political stripe that the Obama administration has neutered the very institutions charged with pursuing justice and preventing a power coup by the next rogue president, regardless of party affiliation. This is evident in the Loretta Lynch Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's failure, via Obama puppet/FBI Director James Comey,  to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Likewise, the Department of Homeland Security no longer has a clear mission unless it is to ensure the settlement of illegal immigrants in the country and grant citizenship to illegals pending deportation. Even more devious, the administration’s purposely inept foreign policy has led to the death of a US ambassador under the ruse of an anti-Muslim video, the care and feeding of Muslim terrorists through the supply of plane loads of unmarked cash to Iran's ayatollahs and the horrendous mishandling of Syria and Middle East affairs in general.

Elections could decimate checks and balances

With 2016 elections around the corner, the American people are primed to pick a president and the Democratic Party’s tainted candidate, who should be pacing a prison cell, is instead preparing for tomorrow night’s presidential debate, is polling even with Republican #Donald Trump. The FBI, neutered by Barack Obama and his Democratic Party minions, is no longer capable of performing fundamental investigations. Forget about national security - at the very least, Americans know for a fact that Hillary Clinton and her immunized top aides are guilty of lying under oath, and they realize that they would serve time for the same crime. Comey handed out immunity to Clinton cohorts like candy on Halloween. What does that mean? They would never be prosecuted regardless of their testimony.

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Just as the administration has covertly ordered DHS not to deport illegal aliens involved in criminal behavior, Comey was ordered to clear Clinton of any charges whatsoever even though she greatly compromised national security and consistently lied about her home-brew, un-secure private email server and the classified information that streamed through it on a regular basis during her tenure at State.

There was never to be a conviction

There was never any intent by this radically compromised FBI to prosecute anyone involved in Clinton’s Emailgate. Not the IT guy who set it all up, not the five top Clinton aides who treated national security like an inconvenience, and not Hillary Clinton in whose basement the illegitimate equipment was installed. In its exuberance to clear Hillary, the once independent FBI revealed to the American people that the organization has been reduced to a political tool for the Obama administration. Even Barney Fife could have told you that you can’t get a conviction if everybody being investigated was granted immunity.

Hillary would dilute Supreme Court to solidify central power

Now, as the election draws near, the Democrats are offering more of the same despite their lame claims of transparency. Electing Hillary Clinton is not only a bad idea because she has unknown health issues and lacks good judgment. It would mean the solidification of abusive, secretive power by the White House and resulted in the politicization of once bipartisan institutions designed to serve as checks and balances to dictatorial regimes. #Election 2016 #Democrats vs Republicans