Political Correctness is doing #women (with a growing number of men as well) an injustice. The term non-working #Mom is used to describe women who stay home while the husband or significant other goes out into the world and generates income. Just another feminist way of trying to add value to something that does not need wording to be more valuable, observation will show you the value.

Not so long ago women would never leave the home unless it was with her husband. Most families had one car that the man would drive to work, leaving the women without transportation -- which to some did not matter because they did not drive anyway.

Many children would come home to Mom and adult supervision. Things began changing and more Mom’s ventured out into the workforce.

Non-working Mom, no such thing

Women put off marriage for careers and the number of them in the workforce grew substantially to almost 50% of the workforce around the year 2000. Now I think I am noticing a swing the other way with more Moms staying home. That is where the political correctness could not be more wrong from what I witness.

I know from my own observation there is no such thing as a non-working Mom. Those ladies do nothing but work. Let’s say a pie represents the time a non-working person has in a week, chances are that the one that goes out to work gets a bigger piece of pie than Mom does. Our metaphoric pie is full of sweet things like, naps, alone time, reading, television, and the occasional pedicure that Mom has little to no time for.

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Pies need to be bigger

Preparing food for the family alone takes a huge amount of time with all it includes. Transportation to and from school, practice, doctors, dentists, stores, friends, Zoo, museums, and family visits takes a huge piece. Some who volunteer lose another piece. Men like their ladies to look healthy so another piece gets sacrificed for the gym, jogging, Pilates, or yoga.

The house itself takes the largest piece between the laundry and picking up after the kids and spouse. Take away another sliver for yard work and the pie is ever shrinking as the pressure of a full schedule with deadlines mounts. Every day brings new challenges and looking around, you notice this is a one woman show that needs a bigger pie.

Home-based business too?

If that was not enough some of these women find a will and a way to start, run, and profit from a business they do in their imaginary spare time. I as a business owner am amazed by these women. I can leave my business and go home, they are home having nowhere to go for getaway time. This takes whatever pie is left, even the crumbs resulting in no pie for Mom.

Women who work outside the home are only slightly different. The most obvious difference being a tighter schedule, rush hour traffic, and depending on the job, and a pressure-cooked boss that knows her cell number, using it for trivial things that could have waited. These women have no pie either or time to bake one.