Secretary Clinton has a dismal track record as Secretary of State. Secretary Clinton is a proven liar; she lied to the Benghazi families, she lied to the Congress, she most likely lied to the FBI and she continues to mischaracterize herself and unfairly demonize you on the campaign trail. Secretary Clinton's approach to protecting classified information has, all by itself,  proven that she is a malicious threat to national security; national security: the president's primary function.

Additionally, Secretary Clinton has promised to follow President Obama's lead

Our economy is the worst it has been in many years with the Balance of Trade dangerously out of balance.

Our streets are dangerous and our society is on the verge of a race war under Obama's Department of Justice. We are overrun with illegal immigrants, most of whom are living off of the government, i.e., our tax dollars. Our borders are a joke; over the past year over 7,000 terrorist suspects were encountered, here in the United States, by the FBI, terrorists suspects who have entered the country illegally. Our national healthcare system is putting the nation's health at risk and has devastated family budgets. We have nearly lost our place as the leader of the free world. We have given financial aid to a country that has dedicated itself to the death of America and its citizens. Through our weakness we have allowed Russia to manipulate our foreign policy and have allowed North Korea to attain a place of world power.

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Mr Trump, say it isn't so

At the end of Monday night's debate you disappointed me and many other supporters! You promised your full support to Secretary Clinton if she were to become President Clinton. I hope you were being disingenuous. I hope you were just trying to be a nice guy and play fair. Playing fair, however, with the woman who has accused you of everything but murder and has proven herself incapable of being honest with the American people doesn't seem like an intelligent option?

When you made that promise you damaged your reputation; damaged it for the sake of political correctness. This is not the moment in time to play nice with the future of this country. I, and your millions of supporters, need you to beat Hillary Clinton in November, beat her so badly that she will never show her disgraced face in Washington D.C. again. This is not for your aggrandizement, this is for the sake of our country and our future in a troubled world.

Make America great again

Make America Great again as President Trump.

Force our enemies to respect us and to tremble at the thought of ever getting on a war-footing with the United States. Power and fear are the only things these enemies understand. Make America Great Again by bringing America back to full employment, by making us the "shining city on a hill" that President Regan envisioned and worked to achieve. The shining city where law, order and justice are the dominant social milestones and where there are economic and educational opportunities for all citizens who are willing to work for it.

And please promise that you will never accept a person like Hillary Clinton as president.