Over the past week mainstream media has stumbled, fumbled, smarted, and fell like #Hillary Clinton waiting on a cab without a Diazepam injection. Since the media-appointed Democratic candidate collapsed from heat exhaustion/stress/pneumonia or perhaps a much worse ailment last week, the coronation of Clinton has rapidly devolved into a political resuscitation of their floundering candidate. While most people wish her well, Clinton felt it more important to lie to them about her health than to tell the truth. In the political aftermath, every available mainstream media political reporter and pundit has been deployed to rekindle a well-worn Birther controversy to block Trump's simultaneous surge.

Despite bagged media, Hillary sagging in polls

Despite a bitterly partisan press, Trump is now leading in national polls as surely as Hillary Clinton was headed to the pavement last week before body persons intervened and pitched her slumped personage into a waiting van to whisk her out of sight. The last 72 hours of polls has Trump up by eight in Iowa and leading in three fresh polls conducted in the key battleground state of Ohio. Mainstream media, including networks ABC, #CBS, NBC and the increasingly insignificant cable station, CNN, is fresh out of Trump scandals and no longer able to conceal Hillary Clinton’s mounting medical symptoms from the American people. Now mainstream media has stooped to re-introduce the Obama “Birther” scandal in hopes of chipping away at the Trump campaign’s newfound synergy.

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Unfortunately, for the usual suspects, mainstream medias’ desperate ploy has only served to remind voters that it was Hillary Clinton’s longtime adviser, Sidney Blumenthal that helped launch the “Birther” assertion that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. While it is a fact that Obama was schooled in Indonesia as a Muslim, it is widely held that Obama was born in Hawaii. The blue state of Hawaii belatedly presented what was touted as Obama’s birth certificate.

Renewed 'Birther' attack on Trump backfires

For her part, Clinton was back on the campaign trail yesterday standing virtually unassisted while scolding Trump over the “Birther” issue that she and pal Sid Blumenthal reportedly helped to concoct during her failed 2008 campaign. Meanwhile, the American people are left to wonder whether Hillary Clinton is fit to serve or concealing a serious medical condition that would affect her ability to govern under stressful conditions. While the status of Hillary’s health has long been a question, a four-minute coughing jag on Labor Day heightened concerns about her health.

She blamed the coughing fit on allergies and even quipped she was suffering from an allergy to Donald Trump. The line didn’t even evoke much laughter and the following Wednesday Clinton had another coughing attack aboard her campaign jet while attempting to communicate with the first gaggle of reporters allowed access to her.

Clinton released a statement once again blaming seasonal allergies. Fast forward to her now infamous collapse in New York City on a beautiful day featuring excellent weather, and moderate temperatures and Clinton released an evolving storyline that began with a fainting spell brought on by heat exhaustion followed by the belated explanation that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia days before the event.

On Monday, Bill Clinton was recorded on a CBS television interview conducted by Charlie Rose discussing Hillary's health and admitting that Hillary Clinton "frequently" faints. CBS, an ever-complicit Clinton supporter televised network, edited the word “frequently” from the interview to deceive its viewers. Despite a bagged mainstream media, Hillary Clinton’s handlers are finding it increasingly difficult to cover for her pathological aversion to truth which goes to the heart of her national security scandal unsuccessfully by the FBI. Clinton was ultimately rescued from formal charges by Obama-appointed FBI Director James Comey. #Democrats vs Republicans