For decades, throughout Bill Clinton’s numerous sexual escapades while President, shady business deals involving both Clintons that have cost taxpayers millions of dollars and the former first couple repeatedly lying under oath year after year, their good luck and great fortunes continue virtually unabated.

Obama State Department, judge, block email release

Now we learn that the State Department is withholding 5,600 Clinton emails that the former First Lady assured the American people had already been released until after the 2016 election. Meanwhile, political opponents say it is not luck at all but a complicit Democratic Party administration brazenly withholding pertinent public information from an unwary proletariat for political gain.

Skeptics liken hidden emails to stained dress

Skeptics are comparing the hiding of Clinton’s emails to hiding that infamous stain on Monica Lewinsky’s dress during another Clinton scandal. Pundits say Obama’s administration is keeping Clinton's most damaging emails in a lockbox so that the American people will not learn about their contents until after November 8.

'This is an absolutely corrupt process the State Department has come up with,' Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told The Wall Street Journal on Friday, blaming the Obama administration for slow-walking the release.

While corruption seems to be the Clinton brand, voters knowingly reelected Bill Clinton to a second term despite scandals of just about every sort swirling around the White House. To that end, the Clintons are sure they can do it again and that Hillary’s path to the White House is just a matter of staying awake long enough to follow the yellow brick road through one more poppy patch.

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Hillary's luck has a name 

Hillary’s luck has a name. Judge James Boasberg is the esteemed judiciary who decided the American public should not be privy to thousands of emails sent to and by Clinton from the State Department during her tenure which ended two years ago. About 5,600 are deemed to be work-related which directly disputes Clinton’s claim of having released all work-related documents and emails in 2014. Proponents of transparency suggest Clinton is counting on State’s email firewall to protect her from political  fallout that could siphon away voters concerned about such matters as government integrity and transparency. For their part, the Clintons don't seem to think voters care or are capable figuring out what is at stake.

Judge dilutes Poppy field for Hillary

To be sure, using recent American history as a harbinger of the future, Hillary can nurture her pathological aversion to truth, Bill can continue dating or whatever he does and the Clinton Foundation can keep booking millions of dollars in Clinton speaking fees.

Judge “Lucky” has ruled 5,600 of Hillary’s email stains will remain vaulted in the State Department until after the election and FBI Director James Comey (appointed by Obama) has diluted the poppy patch blocking Clinton's stroll to Oz with his controversial refusal to prosecute Hillary. A Clinton-friendly mainstream media should be able to take it from here.