life with a 13-year-old girl full of hormones can be a very interesting challenge. There is truly never a dull moment, because this girl now has multiple personalities. I can't explain how this happened, one day my daughter woke up and with horror I noticed girlfriend needed a bra, and when I nicely mentioned it was time to go bra shopping, I got yelled at for being "gross" and my daughter made her swift exit by way of stomping down the hall and slamming the door. I had noticed perhaps that puberty was peeking into my life but chose to look the other way "denial" I know, so here it comes Hurricane Puberty.

I remember when she used to say you're my best friend forever

Just last week we were shopping atWal-mart,just casually walking through the aisles, I was being my delightful entertaining self, and she turned to me and said "Mom can you act less like yourself, be normal?" Ouch. Her father is the target more often then I when she is in a "mood," she does have some pretty clever one-liners for her father, and her grasp of sarcasm is truly on point. Not too long ago she was my shadow at home, and went with me on every errand I ran, now I have to bribe her with iced coffee to go with me anywhere.

There were 3 days before school started that she only came out of her room for food and to use the bathroom, according to her she was celebrating the last days of summer vacation. I went into her room several times to coax her out, but was swiftly told to leave her room, even the dogs were kicked out. That would have been humiliating if she kicked me out but the dogs got to stay.

I was horrible when I went through puberty

I was an absolute nightmare as teen, there were other factors at play when I was 13 that contributed to the above mentioned horrible behavior. I was sullen, crabby, and uncomfortable in my own skin. I can still hear my mother telling me "If I see that finger again, I am going to cut it off" and my reply of "What are you going to use to cut it off?" I know my mom is looking down at me and more than likely laughing, and then telling me to quit complaining, she had to go through it 6 times.

The joys of being a parent

Through the storm that is puberty, I can still see my sweet baby girl in glimpses here and there, and a sneak peek of the lovely young woman she will be once the storm has passed. As of right now her plans for our future remain the same, I will live with her and we will both have cats, her father will live next door.

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