Hillary Clinton did not have another seizure and Donald Trump did not bring up her husband's treatment of women in last night's chaotic tag-team debate match. In fact, the real loser of last night’s shove-fest was its moderator, “NBC Nightly News anchor, #lester holt. Since replacing Brian Williams -- who was fired for creating a Clintonesque war story out of thin air -- Holt has been groomed by the network to be the go-to anchor that America can once again trust. However, things aren't working out that way for the 57-year-old newsreader.

Holt morphed into annoying sound effect

Holt kept it cool for a few minutes but soon allowed Hillary far more time without interruption than her Republican counterpart.

Even when the NBC anchor was interrupting Trump, the anchor morphed into an invisible, annoying sound effect that mostly distracted and reprimanded Trump while allowing Clinton, the Democrat, to drone on relentlessly, if aimlessly. For a while, the NBC correspondent who wouldn’t admit to being a Democrat before the debate threw softball questions to both candidates. However, after about half-hour, Holt took on the role of a judge intent on convicting his quarry, Trump, on any charge that would stick. When it came to “asking” questions about the ratcheted up racial unrest across the country, Holt was hardly able to contain himself while searching his mostly empty pockets for a race card to play on Trump. Holt seemed as obviously partisan as Clinton while his pen wielding hand shook with angst.

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Holt confirmed NBC partisanship

For the entire second half of the debate Holt seemed narrowly focused on creating a gotcha moment to rattle the Republican. The clearly upended host stammered and but, butted his way through Trump’s presentations all while refusing to call Clinton out on anything. The end result of his unbalanced if not unhinged moderation was to confirm the liberal bias at NBC as sure as Candy Crowley’s throw down on Mitt Romney damaged CNN's debate reputation. Holt’s blatantly obvious and poorly executed “birther” attack on Trump wasted much of time the Republican candidate had been allotted. If behaving like a special prosecutor on the “birther” charge wasn’t enough, Holt’s aggressively antagonistic persecution of the Republican’s “law and order” response to the his police-versus-community inquiry reeked of bitter media partisanship.

Holt got stuck on stupid

The few peeks that viewers got of Holt during that mouthy exchange revealed an angry little guy waving a pen while arguing with Trump.

The problem for Holt is that his arguments were as mushy as his politics and it was not clear what he was trying to do if indeed he was trying to do anything other than tip the political scales against the Republican. Meanwhile, Clinton rolled her eyes as though she was looking for an ashtray or lamp to throw as Trump described thousands of drive-by shootings that have come to define Chicago, Barack Obama’s adopted hometown where the president's former top aide, Rahm Emanuel, is mayor. #GOP #Democrats vs Republicans