Mega Church Pastor #Joel Osteen and his wife have been doling out little ditties on how to keep a marriage strong and making these ideas sound almost like fun. Offering up notions like leaving little love notes for each other on the TV remote control, or putting a note in a suitcase if one of them was going to be traveling away from home are the things they do. That might work for multimillionaires like the Osteen couple, but what about the homes where they might not touch the remote control for weeks because their electric has been turned off for non-payment? What's that note suppose to say then? 

Love is out the door with the electricity off!

It's wonderful that Joel and #Victoria Osteen have a #Happy marriage, but offering up hints on how to do the same is ludicrous coming from a millionaire couple who can afford the luxuries that make an ideal marriage easier.

Things like keeping an idea jar for family activities sounds exciting for their kids. Family members can write down ideas for family outings, such as going to see a movie, bowling, or a night at an arcade, but how do you create an activity jar for a family who has barely enough food in the house for all its members? Sure, you can spend family time while doing free activities, like a walk through a park, but what kid is going to jump for joy for that family outing?

Family outing?

Osteen's family loves the activity jar full of ideas because it makes it fun for the whole family, writes Victoria Osteen. Each time a family member comes up with an idea, they write it on a piece of paper and drop it in the jar. When the time comes for the family to spend time together, they take one of the ideas out of the jar and a surprise outing pops up.

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Victoria is careful not to name the activities that the family partakes in other than a picnic at a park, but if you want kids to get excited for this family activity game, the park isn't always going to dot it for them. Let's face it, any activity that is going to entice a kid is going to cost money, which is money many families don't have. 

Meandering in a mansion is a great setting for love?

As far as her marriage goes, Victoria said how she and Joel wake up each morning "with a steady heart ready to love one another no matter what happens." Again, that is easy for a couple to say who isn't struggling financially as money problems play a big part when it comes to couples splitting up. Rolling over on your king size bed and meandering into your oversized kitchen for a cup of designer coffee is a wonderful setting for loving someone no matter what. 

Sheriff at the door, not so romantic!

Try waking up to the sound of a sheriff banging on the door with an eviction notice or the sound of the chains clanging as the repo man hooks them up to your only car.

As good as "love is unconditional" sounds, it doesn't always work that way. The advice Joel and Victoria Osteen offer up for keeping a marriage happy and the family together with periodic outings works for them in their setting. This advice is not always going to work for families struggling financially. It would be interesting to see how their little notes would keep them together despite having the constant worries of bills nipping at your back while barely keeping the shut-off notices at bay. 

Money has a lot to do with it

In a financially strapped-type of setting a little note on a remote control or in your sock drawer just doesn't shine enough warmth your way to stave off the cold when the gas has been shut off. It's not going to take away the pain of watching your elementary school child missing another friend's birthday party because there wasn't so much as $5 in the budget to get her friend a gift. You can go to the idea jar all you want, but unless there are a few $20 bills tucked inside, there's not much of an outing you can offer your kids that they will get excited about. Even a trip to a museum or aquarium costs a pretty penny today!