While in a very heated argument in Ohio with a man who had lost a friend, Vice-President #Joe Biden angrily discussed the fact that his son also had died; although from natural causes. The man challenged Biden on his demand to Syrian Kurdish allies to withdraw from land that had been taken from ISIS near the Euphrates River.

Going back on deal

The man accused Biden of sending the allied forces to their deaths. Biden retorted back, stating that the agreement had been to get the allied forces to Manbij and to their places of work and across the Euphrates River. The man then angrily yelled at the Vice-President: "My friend died!"

Biden responded by asking the man if he will listen.

Biden then loudly exclaimed, "So did my son, OK?"

A sad year for Vice-President and his family

In May of 2015, #Beau Biden, 46, son of the Vice-President and Mrs. Biden, died of brain cancer. The death was devastating for Joe and Jill Biden and family. Biden, who was highly favored among Democrats as a likely candidate for President in 2016, made the painful decision not to run in the wake of Beau's very untimely death. The decision was particularly painful because attaining the White House had been Biden's lifelong dream and he had run for President twice already and failed to attain the Democratic nomination both times. Biden has told the media that he firmly believes that he would have made the best president from among the candidates who ran in 2016, had he been able to run.

Biden deprived of communion

When Biden ran for President in 2008, he was deprived of communion by the Bishop of his own diocese in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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Because of Biden's support of a woman's right to choose, Bishop Martino referred to him as a Catholic politician who was supporting "the culture of death," and refused him communion.

No nuclear codes to Trump

Meanwhile, Biden has expressed his concerns over the release of classified information to #Donald Trump. He has stated without doubt or equivocation that he firmly believes that the nuclear codes should not be released to Trump under any circumstances. That is why both Biden and Obama are working tirelessly to get Hillary Clinton elected. The thought of "the Donald" acquiring the "nuclear football" with all the codes in it is too devastating to contemplate and too risky of a gamble for the American People and for the rest of the world.