The Muslim migrants to Europe are looking for a safe haven away from their war-torn lands. The Middle East is the center of an armed conflict between the government's of the region, and the ISIS and Muslims wish to get away from the ravaged lands, particularly Iraq and Syria. 

They are however a confused lot as now they find they are not welcome in Europe. In addition, the religious leaders led by the Imam of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is exhorting the Muslim refugees to spread Islam by fertilizing or impregnating the European women.

Refugees and Islamophobia

The plight of the refugee to Europe can be imagined, buffeted as he is by exhortations of Muslim religious heads and the unwelcome approach of the EU nations.There is Islamophobia in Europe In addition, the refugees are infiltrated by men owing allegiance to terrorist organizations.

The Imam of the Al-Aqsa Mosque at Jerusalem has queered the pitch by exhorting the refugees to spread Islam by fertilizing the European women. The Imam gives a twisted reason for it. He has state the Europeans are not taking in refugees out of compassion but as labor to do their menial chores. 

Further, he says the European demographic birth rate is low, and it is the duty of Muslim youth's to rectify this imbalance. The Imam is not wrong as almost all EU nations have a low birth rate, much below the rate to sustain a population.

The future

Europe itself is gripped by a fear of being swamped by Muslims. They now, do not want more Muslim refugees. Many nations had earlier welcomed the refugees, but terror attacks that have killed hundreds have swung the pendulum against the migrants.

The European nations are a worried lot as they need the migrants for work, yet are dominated by a fear of being swamped by an alien culture.

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There is no easy solution to the problem as boatloads of migrants are still trying to enter Europe en masse. It must be mentioned that the Koran looks on migration favorably as a source to spread Islam.

Europe's right wing parties are stoking the fears of the common man by raising the bogey of Europe becoming Islam. A feeling of insecurity is created, and this may last a long time.