Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is often accused of being a racist. However, he may not be. Among other things, Trump is also accused of fear-mongering and instigating, tactics which could cause just as much damage (and then some). Racism is bad enough, but stirring up strife can destroy families, friendships, churches, and marriages. As any Evangelical, believer, etc., should know, that is far from biblical. #Terrorism by itself is defined as a form of political violence. The U.S. Department of Defense describes it as a calculated use of unlawful violence or threat to inculcate fear intended to coerce or intimidate governments or societies.

Islamic terrorism teeters on political and religious.

Having a platform to reach millions is an awesome privilege and should be used by all political parties responsibly. Words are important and dog whistles are noticed by everyone. How can we, a shining city upon a hill, help create peace if we allow our own nation to be divided? If American citizens allow themselves to believe that the only criminals we should be concerned about are those who are here illegally, then we are in trouble. If American citizens allow themselves to believe all of our streets are unsafe and live in apprehension of air raid sirens going off, then we are in trouble. It’s like being told to not believe your lying eyes or lying ears.

The dangers of political rhetoric

Politicians use rhetoric all the time.

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It’s what they do. For the past several decades, the biggest political fights have been between the Democrats vs. the Republicans and they can get quite contentious. But how can planting fear and provoking violence unify a country? While the acts of Islamic terrorism are beyond atrocious, political terrorism is not a banner we should be waving either.

A shining city upon a hill

Arguably, America is still a great country to live in and visit. We are still a nation that many watch, and many are watching our presidential race. Hopefully, we will remain a country united, not divided, not fallen by deception. Hopefully, we will continue to show the world what it looks like to stand together and get along peacefully. Surely, we will not become a nation of ravaged hearts filled with rage, fear, and prejudice. That takes up entirely too much energy. #Election 2016 #Democrats vs Republicans