The American election is in just 2 months and now November 8th does not look very far away . #Hillary Clinton has a slight overall lead over Donald Trump according to the Gallup polls, but the last week could not have been very particularly good for her and more for the US voter who has to elect the chief executive of the most powerful nation in the present era.

Hillary's health

A chief executive in any organization has to be mentally and physically fit and this is highly applicable to the president of the United States, who not only has a finger on the nuclear button but is also the world's policeman. Such a person has to be extremely fit, but the happenings of the last few months do not inspire one to think that Hillary is up to the task.

A fact glossed over by her supporters is that she fainted some time back. Even a lay doctor will tell you that a fainting fit cannot be taken lightly and one wonders what will happen if Hillary faints at a crucial moment as president. If it can happen once, there is a chance it may happen again. Secondly, she went into a coughing fit and made light of it by stating that she gets allergies whenever she thinks of #Donald Trump. Again her supporters ignore this. Now we learn that she had to leave the ceremony to remember the victims of 9/11 as she was unwell and was probably suffering from pneumonia.

The future

These are dangerous portends for a person aspiring to be the president of the USA. The American voter will have to think about it. Does he or she want to elect Hillary? Propaganda aside, many feel that Hillary is not healthy enough to be president of the USA.

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 Donald Trump will cash on this and highlight her infirmity in the campaign and one cannot fault him for it. It could be a bonus for him. Maybe Hillary missed the bus when she lost to Obama in the primaries 8 years back when she was fitter. Age is nobody's friend.

However, there are people making light of her #Health and her doctor and husband are stating she is mentally and physically fit. Can they say anything else? Donald Trump might might plenty of absurd commentary and may well turn out to be a better bet than Hillary Clinton this year. The American voter will have to think deep and hard about this year's two presidential candidates.