Where is all the evil hatred, unease, violence, disaffection and despicable conduct coming from, here and across the planet? For some reason, the latest atrocities of senseless slaughter made me think about the Ohio child, teen really, who was 'pranked" by three or so of his classmates who posed as friends and pals. Here's what happened: The child thought he was participating in the 'ice bucket' challenge to raise money to combat Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). Instead, these common pieces of trash poured a bucket of urine, soaked tobacco and spit over his head. His reaction? He held up his small hand and tried to smile giving the world a ‘thumbs up’.

The other boys? They laughed. 

No just punishment

Reading about that made me so angry, so goddamn mad I was shaking. Who are these people? I don't weep as a rule but this was an exception. It broke my heart to just think about the heroic effort by this youngster to act as though he 'enjoyed' what had just happened to him with his courageous smile and his brave wave to nobody who cared. This act was so vile there is nearly no punishment that can be administered to these terrible people that went over the top. I looked up 'public flogging' and found out that Delaware was the last state to outlaw it. It was last used there in 1952 when a wife beater was given twenty lashes. It stayed on the books until 1972. Bring it back...start with ... Ohio.

Random acts of cruelty 

There is no question the human mind can devise numberless ways to behave outrageously but who's helping it along? Is it leadership? What is going on in the world today? Peaceful church goers slaughtered; children at school butchered; bombs in crowded places; beheadings; random acts of pure meanness and cruelty; and, a culture that has no heart, no kindness, no will to lift up the dialogue of worry and defeat.

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"Business as usual" is the slogan of our leaders locally, at the state level and nationally. Candidates for office mouth tired old phrases of “change” and, when elected, preside over an unchanged landscape of selfishness and apathetic indifference.

Where is our leadership?

This example of boorish hooliganism is the result of a lack of leadership in the home, at school, the family and in the community both locally and nationally. How can the parents of these bullies look at themselves and not see how dismally their job of raising good young people failed so miserably? Why was nothing heard from the community leaders, the state house or the White House? Did none of these ‘leaders’ even bother to read the account of this abysmal example of how rudderless teenagers use torment as a perfectly fine way to pass the time? Shame on their silence. The question arises - where were the parents, the family, the leaders of the community, the ‘good guys’ when Hitler ordered the first gypsy mutilated, the first Jew mangled to death, the first baby flung against a brick wall while his mother wailed and then silenced by a pistol shot and finally where were those who could have stopped it when the first barbwire fence was draped around the Warsaw ghetto?

History of Meanness

I've tried to think back into my earliest memories to see if I had heard about such heartlessness these teens showed or if I knew anyone over these many years I thought capable of such a foul act of meanness.

Oh, I know this small 'happening' doesn't compare with police killing innocent people or the equally outrageous acts of killing innocent police officers, beheadings and the whole history of atrocities brought to life's table by craven beasts. Across the broad spectrum of 'bringers of tears' from Attila to Adolph, Pol Pot, the 9/11 perpetrators and thousands of other merciless fools we know who have blackened history; when they had a chance to do otherwise, they chose mayhem. This case of breaking the heart of this child and his dear mother is just so sad, so heartbreaking, so poignant - it eats at my days and rattles my dreams at night. #News #Terrorism #Black Lives Matter