Hillary Clinton’s massive coughing fit in Ohio has caused Donald Trump to call for a closer look at her health—yet again.

This isn’t the first time Trump’s called Hillary’s possible health issues into question, calling for a release of her medical records. However, for his part, he hasn’t released his medical records, either. If Trump did, he’d certainly be able to try to force Hillary to release hers. And also if he did, I’m guessing we’d get some answers about his instability issues and his ineptitude at researching real facts and the reality of what this country needs. But that’s not to say that Hillary’s wouldn’t also be interesting.

Hillary Clinton’s medical records

What’s almost certain is that if Hillary releases her medical records, they’ll be about as convoluted as her tax record releases were—we’ll see so much extra, misleading, circular, and nonsensical information that even the most well-known medical doctors won’t be able to translate the documents. Just as the Clinton Formula was all over those Clinton Foundation creative accounting tax returns, it would take the resurrection of John Nash to break the code of anything she releases.

So what’s with Hillary Clinton’s coughing fit? Is it something to be concerned about? Or did she finally just get so choked up by all of her lying that her throat couldn’t take it anymore?

After all, even the growth of Pinocchio’s nose had its limits when he’d start lying. But at least we all know Pinocchio’s goal was honest—to become a real boy. Anybody with the goal of wanting to be president as badly as Hillary does makes most people not only question her honesty, but her sanity as well.

Hillary Clinton blames an “allergic reaction” to Donald Trump

While in the middle of saying how Ohio is one example of what makes this country great, and while taking a jab at Trump, Hillary started hacking. For her part, she stated that whenever she thinks about Donald Trump, she gets an allergic reaction.

Last I checked, though, you have to be in the same room as the thing giving you allergies to have that kind of coughing fit. So is she actually having that reaction due to being too close to the voting populace and she just covered it up by lying about it? And maybe that’s why she couldn’t stop coughing? Because she’s lied so much her own throat is punishing her for it?

It would be entertaining to see if the same thing happened to Hillary as in Jim Carey’s movie Liar, Liar where he is suddenly wished into having to tell nothing but the truth. Wouldn’t you love to see her completely unable to lie for at least one full day?

Then we could finally get some real answers from Hillary Clinton. And after we did, we could start running for more than the hills.

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