America and most of the Non-Muslim world is beset by Islamic-inspired attacks. A look at the map of America will show that men and women who were inspired by the Islamic faith carried out many attacks. The latest is an attack on a Mall in Minnesota and bombings in New York. In the first case the suspect was shot dead by an off-duty guard and in the second case, the accused was apprehended when he was shot in the leg. In both cases, the police have confirmed that these attacks could be acts of terror. Names of attackers is not important; what is important is that most such attacks are the handiwork of Muslims who have migrated to the USA.

Attacking Donald

Post the New York attack #Donald Trump was castigated for stating that the bombings in NewYork could be the handiwork of Syrian refugees. Many have noted with glee that Donald was wrong in blaming Syrian refugees as the attack was carried out in the first case by a Somali and in the second by an Afghan immigrant.

But a closer look at what Donald said will reveal that semantics apart, the attacks were carried out by refugees who had come to the USA. It really does not matter that they were not Syrians. In any case, do the critics of Donald mean that Syrian refugees will not commit acts of terror ever?

Is Donald wrong?

Donald only wanted to draw attention to the danger of Muslim refugees from Syria being allowed entry into the USA by Obama. It's election rhetoric as Donald has taken a particular stand against Muslim immigrants. Does it matter that the refugees who committed the acts of violence were not Syrians but Afghan and Somali? The undercurrent is that they professed the Muslim faith and were inspired by the ideology of ISIS. Who can deny this?

These attacks were unorganized terror attacks by lone-wolf Muslims.

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Though ISIS had not planned them, can there be any doubt that the attackers did not draw inspiration from this organization? This hard-line Sunni outfit is the source of inspiration to many Muslims not only in the USA but at other places as well.

Last word

One can attack Donald for many things but picking on his statement on Syrian refugees is like flogging a dead horse. One must remember this is election season and Donald has to articulate what his constituency wants to hear. Nothing wrong with it and yet in a way he is right. #Terrorism