It seems like the year of shocks. The UK left the EU in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum. Hillary Clinton shocked the world with a health scare. Manhattan was recently rocked by the terrorist bombings. And we have the Election 2016 in sight. The Presidential race will be decided on November 8. It all begs the one big question: Could Donald Trump actually win and become the next US President? No, seriously. It's time that we actually stopped taking the billionaire tycoon's political ambitions lightly and think about the possibilities of Trump winning the general elections altogether. 

Trump and Kim Jong-Un relation

In one of the articles about the North Korean 'dictator' - Does the US need an excuse to invade North Korea? - I argued that it's time to take Kim Jong-Un and his threats to attack the US seriously.

The dictator and his political ambitions have been mocked by world leaders and people in general around the globe. Things, like banning the use of sarcasm in public against the country's officials and making forceful public-mourning of the citizens a law, and other things that he makes the North Koreans do is unbelievable. However, Kim Jong-Un has absolute power in the country and carrying out missile attacks on its neighbor South Korea and imprisoning US citizens as spies in North Korea is not a matter to be taken lightly. 

Donald Trump was laughed at when he first announced his political ambitions of becoming the next President of the United States. Every other day Trump would make a gaffe that, during standard election campaigns, would seem to discredit his 'already tarnished' reputation.

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You might have heard yourself saying things like "That's it. He has done it now! He has crossed the line!" and things like, "He is definitely going down this time around! No way Trump is going to win!" 

On Trump's fame

Time and again Trump has proved the world wrong. Time again he is there giving speeches. His meteoritic rise to fame even boggles the mind of Steven Hawkins. It has been reported that even the renowned physicist could not decipher the secret of Trump's success in the political arena so far. When asked about the Republican Party leader and Presidential nominee's popularity, Mr. Hawkins could not give an answer, saying that "he can't."

"I can't. He is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator", said Stephen Hawkins. 

Trump vs Clinton debate 

The following is a statement on Donald Trump as a probable winner as opposed to the rival Democratic Party leader and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It was published by "" who claims that any further "terrorist attacks on US soil" until the "November 8 "would only "aid Trump" in his election campaign.

One or two more terrorist attacks on US soil between now and November 8, and he wins. One or two more large-scale urban riots, and he wins. One or two more public displays of Hillary Clinton hacking up her esophagus while having a seizure during a press conference, and he wins.The only shock that the world was spared in the political arena was

The only shock that the world was spared in the political arena was Scotland failing to form a separate state from the United Kingdom. It was as if the Scots woke up from some kind of a nightmare and, in their delirium state, suddenly demanded to separate from the UK. That campaign failed and after the Brexit success, the Scots might as well try to vote to 'Scot out' once again.