I have written the following suggested speech because I believe that Trump, despite his obvious enjoyment in baiting the Clinton camp and the various rants that have trademarked his campaign to date, could (should) embrace it as a way to get completely honest with the American people. In all likelihood he will not get a chance to see this brief suggestion and his efforts to win will be that much more difficult.

Proposed Trump speech – getting to the truth of what he can accomplish

I have kept the speech in my voice so as not to confuse the reader. It is a complete figment of my imagination.

He should begin by saying that he believes that for a president to excel at the job for which the citizens of this nation elected him, or her, that person must have two essential qualities.

The first of these is an honest commitment in one’s heart and soul to labor tirelessly on behalf of all citizens in an effort to resolve the many pressing and unimaginably complex problems facing us today. The second is perhaps more important but without the first there is no second. That quality is the ability to recognize, in those men and women who they intend to appoint to key cabinet and military posts: excellence in all that they have undertaken in their careers to date, possess an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in their particular fields; have a sense of humor and perspective; and, finally, a bursting enthusiasm to be part of the answer.

Touching on the first quality, he should commit to giving his all to make his administration successful. Then talk about his record noting that it is all he has to answer the question and give a brief statement of his history in making commitments from early childhood all the way to his decision to run for office.

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He should mention his degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and his accomplishments since then all demonstrating a solid dedication to reach his goals.

Since he, like everyone, has made mistakes he should take this opportunity to admit them and note that he never acted meanly and has remained committed to getting through difficulties by facing them and working his way out. He should say that he is proud that in doing just that he succeeded to the extent that he never has to work again. Then he should say what he has said so often is that he wants to keep working, and that his days on the campaign trail are no more grueling than the days spent building the Trump organization. At that juncture he must say that no matter what anyone says or thinks about him, he is no quitter and that he is unafraid to commit to putting the sweat on his own forehead to better the nation and reestablish ourselves as the single greatest experiment in world governance.

Who will run the country under Trump leadership?

Getting to the second quality he should note his ability to determine the very best person to fill the many enormously important jobs in the Cabinet and armed services.

He must admit that it is beyond anyone's reach to understand fully such things as the financial concepts of world trade and currency; to know in depth of any nations’ laws; any nation’s military readiness, our own included; national and world health regulations, commerce and so on. For those are the reasons for appointing a team of advisors, experts in thousands of disciplines to assist him in making decisions affecting success. It is on them the nation rests.

Note he made a fortune over the years by choosing those who had the talent and drive to achieve. One can't deny that. Then commit to disclose those top 7 or so selections for these critical posts and release the names at once, pledging that they will be the very best and most capable public servants available today. Then end it with a pledge to be available to them 24/7 to keep our nation safe and prosperous and at the head of the free world. #Donald Trump #Election 2016 #World Politics