The endless involvement of human beings in the different categories of animal brutalities, as well as their horrific treatment signifies that mankind has long lost their humanity and ethical norms. However, Animals just like every human should have their natural place on this planet. From a theological point of view, human beings are personified spirit and souls, and the same goes foranimals in the perceptiveness of spirituality. Therefore, ill-treatment or irrational killing of these creatures for personal amusement such as sports, religious rituals or unethical societal beliefs should, I believe be viewed as morally wicked.

It had been devastatingly reported that several abnormalities are continuously perpetrated by humans, ranging from inflicting severe pain to horrific killing of animals for personal amusement. The continuous hostilities and gruesome treatment of the creatureshave remained a strong basis for conscious agitation for animallaws according to animal rights groups.

Killing of farm animals for domestic consumption under strict regulations

In most developing countries, laws were enacted to protect the right of animals to life which remains a conscious responsibility of every human society. However, the killing of animals is justified in certain practical circumstances.

  • The slaughters of farm animals for domestic consumption under strict regulation, to ensure that theyare well kept and preserved before killing them. In 2013, Food Safety Authority of Ireland approved a general guidance for killing animals either in slaughter houses or by individuals to provide nonviolent food for wider consumers.

Although theconsumption of animalflesh by humans increases on a daily basis, certain animals are consumed on rare occasions such as horse meat, camels, dogs, and cats.

A number of forums and discussions have focused on human healthy lifestyles and fitness, through limited consumption of animal meats and suggest several alternative diets for civilized society rather than animal meat as sustenance. All kinds of nourishment and food for mankindexistacross the world so total dependence on animal meats seems unhealthy.

From theological and secular viewpoints, all living beings are endowed differently with respect to foods that well-match their various natures, while different creatures are restricted to specific types of food. As for humans, nature had provided us with a spectrum of foodstuffs that best suits our design and purpose in life which does not include animal flesh.

Individual society can still function effectively if they avoid or minimize the killing of animals for food. Although the majority of the global populace still consume meat from domestic animals which can be directly purchased from farms or supermarkets that kill and sell domestic animalmeat on a large scale, these are well regulated by statutory authorities (e.g. USDA Farm Animal and Meat Standards, 2016), to control the systematic mass slaughter of animals in modern abattoirs operations.

Hunting and Killing of animals for fun by human society

Contrary to the killing of farm animals for food, there are records of irreverent and hostile acts to animals as well as brutal killings. The senseless killings of majestic animals by human communities are recorded annually but there is seldom corrective action taken despite public outcry.

In August 2016, twelve-year-old schoolgirlAryanna Gourdin, who enjoys killing wild animals for fun posted several photographs of animals she had slaughtered on Facebook, which sparked outrage on social media. The school girl along with her father claimed to have paid the South Africa game management authorities to obtain the permit to hunt animals. Various animalenthusiasts have vehemently criticized the act, but the school girl and her father had vowed to continue killing wild animals for fun.

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