He had to dance around his tail to get them, but #Donald Trump now is losing the few Hispanic supporters that he had managed to attain. Key leaders of his Hispanic Advisory Council are jumping ship after the failed real estate mogul's immigration speech on Wednesday night in which he once again took a "hardline" position on the issues of illegal immigration and deportation. Among those leaders abandoning the campaign are Jacob Monty and Pastor Ramiro Pena, who resides in Texas.

No softening, no support

Monty told reporters that he had been hoping that Trump would "soften" his hardline position on immigration and deportation in the general election campaign, especially after meeting with Mexico's president.

However, "the Donald" has not let up at all on his stance on illegal immigration and deportation. The positions are the same as they were when he started his presidential campaign in June of 2015.

Campaign is a scam; “Already lost”

Pastor Pena took his frustration one step further. He described the Trump campaign as "a scam" and stated that the campaign is "already over," so far as he sees it. Stating that it appeared to him that the campaign is "just for optics," Pena made it clear that he does not "have time" for such antics. Also, it goes without saying that Pena most likely felt a bit "used" by Trump for "photo ops" and other maneuvers designed exclusively for political gain and nothing else.

Failed diplomacy; Don't mess with the pros

In hopes of making himself look more presidential, and precipitated by his dragging poll numbers, Trump agreed to travel to Mexico on Wednesday to meet President #Enrique P. Nieto.

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In that meeting, Nieto explicitly explained to Trump that he "will not pay for the wall" and that he wants to erect along the border of the United States and Mexico. Trump never mentioned the wall during his brief visit with Nieto.

However, when he returned to the United States and addressed a mainly all "white" audience in Arizona on Wednesday evening, Trump took his hardline position once again. He again promised to "build the wall, "be "tough" on #Hispanic immigrants to the United States, and to deport all immigrants who are here illegally without doubt, hesitation or compromise.

It appears that Trump totally failed in his very first, neophyte attempt at foreign diplomacy. He clammed up in Mexico when he was told "where it's at" by Nieto, and he reiterated his tough stance when returning to the United States.

Forgot about the cameras and microphones

Apparently he forgot that there are cameras and microphones in Mexico too. And yes, Mr. Trump, they can broadcast a signal to the United States, where the voters are waiting to vote against you, including your former Hispanic supporters.