With all the labels the Democratic Presidential candidate Clinton associated as “deplorable” last week - this places at least tens of millions of Americans in that basket and even more that are patriots that she failed to mention. She wrote off at least 25 percent of Americans and many more that see the statement was in poor taste, racist and more. Remorse or an apology doesn’t dismiss the intent of her feelings.

New York, New Jersey and Minnesota

In light of the terror attacks this weekend in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota Hillary responded Sunday saying how great the first responders were when just last week she collapsed at ground zero.

Her position echoes President Obama’s who encouraged the Black Lives Movement that’s linked to murders and hate attitudes towards polic. We must not forget that there have been more mass shootings under Obama than the last three administrations combined. Last month Obama released even more gun related felons from the justice system he calls racist.

Amnesty trademark of Obama and Clinton

Still at issue is granting amnesty that would give tens of millions of illegal aliens voting rights and more, that would completely wipe the conservative’s voice out of American politics permanently. It would basically make this a socialistic society nearly overnight and tip the scales where more Americans are unemployed than employed which can usher in insolvency for the country possibly in about a year.

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Contrary to the Obama administration’s claim that 80 percent of the southern border is under control agents say it’s closer to 40 and that one in five caught is a convicted criminal. Also, contrary to the media’s prior reports which come from Trump headquarters in Long Beach, CA  the LA Times discovered primarily minority volunteers including blacks, Hispanics and Asian workers.

Horace Cooper, co-chairman of Project 21, a black conservative group said, “The black community has suffered tremendously under the president’s policies.” He went on to say that “Obama has turned the Great Recession that should have been two to three years into five to seven years. There hasn’t been full job growth in almost eight years.” This is why they are turning to Trump.