The biggest news story of the last 24 hours is this: #Hillary Clinton coughed in public. The media extensively covered it. And Donald Trump attacked the media for not covering it. Just another day in the most unbearable presidential campaign in history. Here’s what happened: Hillary Clinton, who “never does press conferences,” was doing a press conference, during which she fought through a #coughing fit for about a minute. While doing so, she joked that “every time I think about Trump I get allergic.” During the Q&A portion, there were various questions about the candidate’s health, and the conspiracy theories about it. Within hours, CNN covered the coughing incident, stating that she had previously coughed publicly both on January 25 and February 17.

So did NBC News, the New York Times, the Daily Mail and hundreds of other outlets. Then her opponent tweeted this:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone complain about the lack of media coverage of something that wasn’t getting significant media coverage.

What coughing means

The coughing, of course, has fed into various insane conspiracy theories that the Democratic nominee is hiding a major illness, whether it’s cancer, Parkinson’s, seizures, or possibly all of the above. But that’s ridiculous, of course: A fit of coughing is a clear indication that someone is dying in one instance: If they are a fictional character in a movie.

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In real life, coughing is almost always symptom of… having a cold, or possibly allergies. It is, after all, allergy season. The other two times Clinton coughed publicly was during the winter months in Northern states. She was not seen coughing during hundreds of public appearances, including numerous speeches, rallies and debates, in the six months since.

What really matters 

Can this campaign please be about the issues, what the candidates would do in office, and how temperamentally fit they are for the presidency? They say August is the stupidest month of every political year. But September is giving August a run for its money.  #hackinghillary