It looks like Hillary Clinton's #BasketOfDeplorables is trending on Twitter today, so are you one of these grotesque people for who Hillary coined this term of endearment? Here we sit cramped into that big "basket of deplorables" that Hillary Clinton so nicely created for half of the Trump supporters out there today. She has tagged only half of us with being "racist," "sexist," "homophobic" or "xenophobic" just because we don't see the world Hillary Clinton's way.

Trump supporters are phobic

As you look around at your group of friends and family who are supporting Trump, can you figure out which is the half that deserves to be tagged with one of the "phobic" terms she spewed so condescendingly at the American people last night?

Trump supporters are phobic all right, they've developed a phobia for the type of government that has put the nation in the shape it is in today.

Such an 'irredeemable' bunch they are!

How dare Hillary call the folks who don't want to vote for her and who really believe in Donald Trump "deplorables?" She not only tagged the Trump supporters as a phobic bunch, she believes Trump has "lifted them up." To add insult to injury she claims that these deplorable people are "irredeemable," reports CNN News.

She is about to she how "irredeemable" they are when they enter the voting booths around the nation in November!

Donald Trump imitation?

Donald Trump quickly jumped on social media to defend his flock. She's gone too far this time around making such a horrendous blanket statement about a group of American people. Has anyone else noticed that as time goes on Hillary seems to imitate Donald Trump more and more.

Gone is her squeaky high-pitched yelps and she curtailed those crazy faces.

Hillary has replaced her mode of verbalizing with a more deeper and serious tone, almost emphasizing syllables the same way Trump does.

She's practicing a slower and much more methodical way of expressing her views in this new voice mode. It is almost like someone reading the beginning of a mystery novel and trying to entice the listener into this mystery!

Trump embraces all voters

If she thinks this latest insult of putting Trump supporters in a basket and labeling them "deplorables" is keeping up with the Trump quips, she is seriously wrong.

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While Trump flings insults at Hillary, he doesn't call her supporters a bunch of idiots because he believes these folks may come around and see Hillary for who she really is by election day.

What Hillary did by using such a grotesque name for a group of American people was sway those voters who were on the fence. The undecided are now bound to jolt right over onto Trump's side! She will see when all the happy smiling deplorable people applaud President Trump as he's sworn into office in January!

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