Election 2016 is just around a month and a half away but some Hillary Clinton supporters are already starting to make excuses for her increasingly likely defeat. Toward that goal, Rebecca Onion wrote a recent piece in Slate entitled “America Has Always Seen Ambitious Women as Unhealthy.” The theory is that Americans are rejecting Clinton because they think her relentless drive for the Oval Office is making her sick.

The problem is that the author has had to reach back to the Edwardian age to find examples of ambitious women being demonized as being less than healthy. She offers no explanation as to why very healthy and determined women on the right – Carly Fiorina and Sarah Palin come to mind – were smeared by people on the left.

The article that tries to find a sociological explanation as to why Clinton is unpopular, even among the left, is likely the result of too many women’s studies programs at major universities.

The reason she is tanking in the polls is that she is increasingly seen as corrupt, dishonest, and downright evil. Her gender has nothing to do with it, save for irritation at the lame joke she makes about playing the woman card.

One of the problems feminists of a certain sort are having at the prospect of Hillary Clinton not becoming the first female president is that she may be beaten by a man who encapsulates all of the worst aspects of masculinity, from their point of view.

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Democratic Party

Donald Trump is loud, vulgar, and reeking with machismo. He is not shy of calling women who annoy him some of the vilest names that can be said on television. On the other hand, Trump is still exceeded by Bill Maher, who once infamously called Sarah Palin a “c---“ on his HBO rant fest show. Trump has also elevated women to management positions in his various business enterprises to a greater extent than has usually been the case.

But the idea of Clinton going down to defeat at the hands of Trump cannot possibly be attributed to any shortcomings on the part of the candidate herself. So, Clinton’s coming humiliation has to be because the American people are unworthy of her.

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