#Hillary Clinton is following in the footsteps of some of the greatest of all-time, and her swan song is playing. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Nolan Ryan, and currently “The Big Papi” David Ortiz to name just a few all made one last trip around the country before they rode off into retirement. Fans nationwide showed great appreciation for the things these greats accomplished during their careers.

Most, if not all opponents presented gifts in recognition of the accomplishments. Most had hung on too long. Some should have left a year earlier than they did. David Ortiz is not only making the rounds currently, but he is having a year that could make fans long for him to stay one more year.

The same thing cannot be said about Clinton.

The walls are crumbling

Thirty years in the public’s eye is coming to a close for Clinton whether she wants it to or not. The walls of the Clinton Empire are crumbling in spite of the effort to prop up by the political elite form the left. One thing is for sure, it will only get worse as the scandals just keep coming out, and they do keep coming. #Donald Trump, however, is building momentum, gaining support, and acting Presidential lately.

Those sports greats knew when it was time to go, granted, they may have tried to delay it but when it became obvious they had lost whatever it was they had had, they walked away. Again, the same cannot be said about Clinton. Head bowed, shoulders slumping, or worse, Clinton will walk away mumbling about losing again, or they will drag her away kicking and screaming.

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Being exposed will do that to a person.

Polls show Clinton trailing

The polls show Clinton falling while Trump is rising. Most of the greats I listed were all voted to the All-Star game their last year either by the fans or their peers. Daily they stood in front of the press answering the same questions over and over. Trump does this now, while Clinton avoided doing that for 270 days, which really did not matter because you could not believe her when she did speak.

Fathers have been telling their son’s for years about the greats they saw through the years, but I don’t expect that to be the case with Clinton. Nothing she has done would be classified as greatness, if anyone knows something she has done of notoriety. Mostly she will be known as someone who will lie, then lie to cover up that lie, then try to delete whatever it is, and finally lie about deleting anything.