#Donald Trump and #Hillary Clinton both want to be President of the United States, Clinton may want to look around at the rest of the world just for inspiration. The citizens of England had a small vote recently, you may remember hearing about Brexit. The vote was whether England should stay or leave the European Union, they voted to leave.

Displeasure in the #Immigration policies of the European Union of which England had to adhere to was the driving force behind the outcome. The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is clinging to her position in her country where she has allowed more than one million Syrian refugees into her country with poorly thought out refugee policy.

Merkel’s party came in third in a three party election.

The issue is safety

Safety is the issue, not the immigration although one does take in the other. American citizens have the same concern that the people of England and Germany have displayed. Letting in anybody without knowing who they are, and why they want to enter is not what is in the best interest of our citizens. Hillary Clinton should pay special attention to the results of both those votes being she is in favor of letting even more refugees in the current administration.

Trump has the better plan

Donald Trump wants to temporarily stop immigration from countries where terrorist organizations thrive.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with this position. Untold millions of American citizens think we should have already taken this as our countries position concerning immigration from Syria. President Obama and the Clinton State Department created the situation in Syria and compounded that by letting it get out of control before meekly reacting.

Trump wants to build a wall on the southern border and there is nothing wrong with that either. The wall would give us an opportunity to cut down on illegal immigration, drugs, and know who is coming and going. Immigration is not our problem, illegal immigration is. Trump wants to put Americans first, we need someone to put Americans first just like the people of England and Germany needed to be first in their countries.

Trump will win on immigration

Trump will win the election because of the issue of immigration.It is not that Trump or his supporters are against immigration, they are against illegal immigration.

We have a right to be as safe as possible, and whoever is elected has an obligation to do all they can to make things that way. Trump recognizes this, and will be the much better option.

Clinton showed us how well she could do in regards to keeping the population of a country safe. I would question whether the population of Syria would elect her to any office. Trump, like leaving the Union and voting a once popular Chancellor out is the only choice that makes sense.