Hillary Clinton, when her back is against the wall, has a tendency to play the put-upon victim card, such as her disputed story about being told that NASA did not take girls as astronauts when she wrote the space agency at the age of 16. According to AOL, Clinton, who is running for the highest office in America, trotted out another story about how men bullied her, according to AOL, in this case, while applying for Harvard Law during her senior year in college.

According to Clinton’s account, some of the male aspirants to the prestigious law school told her in no uncertain terms that they resented her presence.

The theory was that if she, a woman, were to take one of the spots from a male applicant, he might lose his student deferment and be sent to Vietnam and possibly die, a real consideration in the late 60s to be sure.

Clinton went on to explain that putting up with that kind of nonsense is why she seems cold and unemotional (when she is not in one of her lamp throwing rages) which she really is not in person.

A number of ways exist to unpack this tale of woe.

The first way is to wonder if the incident even took place. Journalist Jim Oberg has already found reason to doubt the NASA story. Considering Clinton’s well-deserved reputation for dishonesty and lacking any collaboration, one must take this story with a healthy dose of salt.

The story is clearly meant to buy her some sympathy from feminists.

The other way is to suggest that if Clinton is still traumatized by some guy talking smack to her 47 years ago, what is she doing running for one of the highest stress jobs on the planet? Being talked snarky too is nothing compared to what congressional Republicans would do to her, not to mention the likes of Vladimir Putin and the Iranian mullahs.

The first time some leader of ISIS announces what the proper role for a woman is, she might just be reduced to tears.

One does not recall great female leaders of history, such as Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir, complaining about being insulted by sexist men. They gain validation by overcoming all of that and dominating the politics of the countries they governed.

Come to think of it, Sarah Palin endures far worse than Hillary Clinton claims on a daily basis, most often from Clinton supporters.

Finally one wonders how Kathy Shelton, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey feel about Clinton’s trauma. No doubt they will give her all the sympathy that it is due.

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