President #Obama had his chance to lead us into the future, and he failed miserably. In the almost eight years that Obama has been the President of the United States our standing in the world has been stuck in a downward spiral. Economically we have been stuck in neutral, and in business speak if you are not growing you are shrinking. History will show that the Obama presidency was a quagmire of opportunity lost, corruption on several levels, and a complete destruction of the healthcare industry in this nation.

Openly admitting that he is dedicated to a global economy along with progressive liberal ideology, Obama considers those who choose him as inferior.

Many say that the Affordable Healthcare Act will be the crowning jewel of Obama’s two terms. That trumpeting is premature to say the least, at best the jury is still out on the final results of Obamacare. With premiums rising more each year as more insurance carriers’ withdrawal from state exchanges the final results are far from in.

Obama doing what he does best

Obama has now returned to what he does best, campaigning. That in itself is concerning, being that former presidents other than Bill Clinton have restrained from campaigning for their replacement. Obama would no doubt run for office again if he could so the next best thing would be to help #Hillary Clinton get elected and hope she continues down the road to the dismantling of over 200 years of freedom, prosperity, and opportunity.

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The GDP of the United States has stalled and hovered around 1 to 1.5 percent for much of Obama’s time in office exposing how his policies are misguided and anti-growth. Those companies that have been relocating to other lands are not doing it for simply a change of scenery, they are doing it so they can again make a profit. Like that or not, it is the basic reason for a company’s existence.

Obama and Trump agree about Clinton

In 2008 Obama said all the things about Clinton that Donald Trump says today with the exception of the little details about emails. Back then Obama said something that is more obvious today than it was then, Clinton is not qualified or fit to hold the office of President of the United States. The President was correct about Clinton, and for once during his tenure we agree on something.

Obama campaigning shows anyone who is actually watching this race, that he is scared.

Scared that like in 2008, Clinton will lose the presidential election along with what he perceives as progress toward a world without borders flourishing with a global economy. For almost 8 years Clinton has been an albatross dragging Obama down, yet now he supports her. That and that alone will drive informed voters to vote for Donald Trump for President in November.